Frozen White Castle Sliders Review

Reviewing Frozen White Castle Sliders. Did they taste as good as at the restaurant? Cheese Burgers.


TheFastFoodReview says:

I reviewed theses today and sorry, they just suck, can not recommend

wiibaron says:

‘Making frozens’. Something the midnight shift would have to do a couple times a week. 10 in a bag and 10 bags in a taped up empty WC bun box. ‘ C’ written meant Cheeseburgers. Kept 100’s of each at all times in the freezer. Then in the early 90’s, they started the grocery store sales. We had to start shrink-wrapping the 10 packs with a machine in the restaurant. Then after store sales took off they started making the store bought ones in their own ‘factory’ just for the frozen market. Little known WC oddities: They make their own buildings at their own metal factory, porcelaine steel panels that make the outside of the Castles. Also make their own spatulas and stainless equipment too. They make their own buns and meat patties. It really is a internal operation from start to finish, and a family owned marvel of efficiency.

BraverHawk6713 !xboxlive! says:

$9.00 gets you 16. $4.00 gets you 6.

SuperFreeamerican says:

While these aren’t as good as fresh, they’re definitely the best frozen food EVER!

beth henry says:

I am obsessed with white castles

Dank Wafflez says:

how did I end up here….

RmeParatrooper says:

Your supposed to open one end of the bag and steam them for 1 minute in the microwave…..

fuzzbutt2871 says:

its 60 seconds per package of 2

Walter H. White says:

Deep fry them sons of beaches!

Jays Boutique says:

they are good ; but Genetically modified……….

Tyrone Biggums says:

Hey Rick!! I love those little bad boys! So yummy and since there is no White Castle in L.A. near me I only have these in the frozen dept to look forward too. But how do I love em with a cold beer and I’ll eat a whole damn box Rick. Rick how do they compare to the real deal Rick? Were they good for you as me???


azeleapark says:

you’re supposed to leave em in the plastic bag….0nly 1 bag @ a time for 60 sec

GothicKittyMadness says:

look under servings suggestion lol

Rob Goodheart says:

For the microwave you’re supposed to keep the plastic on and open one of the ends. (As per the package, but it helps with the steaming.) While they are *ok* they definitely aren’t as good as picking up a sack at your local WC.

Stacey Lucas says:

when you steam them way better it taste like the restaurant


no no no 1 min in the nuke upside down then 3 minutes under the toaster oven on broil no bag bottoms only then toss in the tops for the last minute

toraps91 says:

why I live in françe ?
we have not to white castle , just kfc mcdo quick and now in 2016 burger king and 1 fives guys lol

Jerry Cart says:

obviously it wouldnt be as good as fresh you morons but its good enough

due whit says:

farts not nearly as bad with these ones from the store. although I have never eaten more than 8 in a sitting. so you know……………. I can eat six from the resteraunt and the next day is torment for several hours. I hear there are hitmen who have caused extreme emphasema attacks on their targets in an elevator. can be fatal.

Wayne Novotny says:

I think you’re supposed to leave them inside the plastic in the microwave.

Kimberly Clark says:


Camille Hadley says:

I don’t care how he cooks them, it’s that damn SQUEAKING that’s getting on my nerves!!

Impeach Trump says:

2:20 and they just are out of the microwave.  Fuck I could do it myself this slow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emiliano Lopez-hafen says:

I’ll be honest, they taste like shit

Jordan-_-1925 says:

these are better than restaurant

Kyle Glasure says:

Brother I freaking love the frozen White Castle burgers. I think they’re perfect. Great video man. Take care.

Kool Burn says:

you’re supposed to leave them in the plastic, open one side and pop in for 1 min. it gets steamed that way

DDT says:

They actually come out better if you take them out of the plastic and wrap them in a paper towel.

Jordan-_-1925 says:

bro whos bought the 16 pack one? ❤

Joe Newton says:

there not bad, i put mustard and pickles on mine and a little salt, not as good as fresh but they closed every white castle in ne ohio.

Fizzi Soda says:

We have no White Castle restaurants here in Texas. This is the closest thing I can get.

Bill G says:

White Castle are only edible if you are drunk.

Jerry M says:

Sliders do not work with cheese. Go for plain.

testodude says:

These are solid 1 minute snack.  The “regular” is a better than the “jalapeno” version.For a comparison,  I also tried the T G I Friday’s frozen sliders with their provided BBQ sauce.   Shockingly terrible.   I took one bite of one slider, and threw it and the remaining frozen ones right in the garbage.   I’ve never tried Alpo, but I imagine it is better than those sliders.  Bread tasted stale, meat like mattress stuffing, BBQ sauce was watery ketchup with liquid smoke.   Seriously,  eat a shoe before you try those.  Stick with WC.

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