Hungry-Man Fried Chicken – Oven vs. Microwave – WHAT ARE WE EATING? – The Wolfe Pit

Hungry-Man Fried Chicken! One cooked in the oven and one cooked in the microwave. Which one is better? Are they any good? Watch and see!

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Christiaan Overgaard says:

Rosy O’Donald with a muzzle and a bag slayed me!

Ronbo710 says:

And they use the shittiest pieces of chicken in these. Watch out for small bones.

TAPKAC says:

Starting at the 6:29 mark, who else saw a mustachioed face on the right side of the chicken piece (right above the bone)? I laughed silly at the Rosie O’Donnel joke.

Charlie Price says:

ewww omg

Levi Senz says:

STOP SYAING “You.. the people”!!!!!!!!!

Rkf rkf says:

I haven’t had one of these it quite awhile but thought i rembered the potatoes having a yellow look to them like butter used to be mixed in.

Barnabus Blackoak says:

Stink up the house? The smell of fried chicken is ambrosia!

nathan0717 says:

Screw that brownie lol

WyattNelsonGames says:

larry drops the f bomb

KSound Kaiju says:

Fried Chicken does NOT stink up the house, it makes it smell like Greasy Heaven

greedylou7 says:

new to the channel. i was at the store like 2 hours ago and went for a hungry man dinner and remembered ur vids when u take a close look at the ingredients. i looked at that shit and put it back. lol grabbed a Marie calender’s instead. lmao and now i see u have a vid on the exact dinner i was looking at earlier. fukin awesome

ccateni 28 says:

swason doesn’t own this garbage any more. It was much better by them

Death Star 3105 says:

I’m eating this right know

A12 Games says:

Campbell’s (they own the Swanson’s brand) sold the Hungry-Man brand to Pinnacle Foods Inc in the 1990’s.

JOEL00111 says:

plastic bag and a mussel would do for Rosie o donnel

tyler jackson says:

If it’s fucked just say it’s fucked for fuck sake. Edit: FUCK, SHIT, CUNT, WHORE, BITCH, HELL, PISS, DAMN, PUSSY, COCK…….help me out if I missed any.

Alex Hensen says:

Campbell’s sold the Swanson Hungryman meals to Pinnacle Foods Group LLC IN 1998 so it isn’t Swansons fault. It’s been different for almost 20 years now.

TheWolfePit says:

Come on guys, some people figured it out…..but a lot of people think my bleeps were flawed. It was intentional, because of all the crap I got on my last 2 rants. People came out of the woodwork complaining that I cussed, their kids were watching, the Pope was watching, they’re offended, etc. In those videos the words were properly bleeped out and they still bitched and whined. So now they have something to really bitch about! 😉
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Hungry-Man BBQ Rant –

Cornjob McGee says:

swanson sold the tv dinner product to another company a few years ago and the quality has suffered.

Blackjesterx says:

The brownie looks like a piece of shit with corn in it

CareyEve36 says:

Anyone else eating a Hungry Man dinner while watching this? I was eating the Beer Battered Chicken dinner one!

huhuhu557 says:

Swanson doesn’t own this anymore, it got bought out by another company and that why this meal isn’t that great anymore.

Steph Liliana says:

Ig being lazy is definitely at the cost of your health. Being too lazy to cook you end up with stuff like this thats a bunch of bs in a can or plastic bowl

Sergio Eliot Rodriguez says:

Who cam here after watching the Jerry Seinfeld joke talking about hungry man?

redguy75 says:

“fuck that brownie”!!

Michol Akinola says:

Swanson’s funeral home check it out most likely dead bodya

the madc2004 says:

In 1998 hungry man was sold to pinnacle foods. So swanson doesn’t make them anymore

Whizy says:

I love hungry man meals though

Tres Ortiz says:

lol I eat these all the time. I like them

Selvie Banks says:

You think it stinks up your house? I love the smell of it!

Katrina Wilson says:

What’s going on with your fingers?

Barnabus Blackoak says:

I always flip the chicken halfway through the cooking time

ichaukan says:

7:54 Answer: Yes

Gabriel Powers says:

Back in the 70’s when the Swanson dinner’s came in foil trays they were actually a lot better. The mashed potatoes back then were good and the chicken was tastier. Even the corn was good. Nowadays the mashed potatoes and corn are tasteless and the chicken is bleh.

Alex says:

Wolfepit likes to chief the reef

The Wandering Being says:

I have bought this meal for years and never had a problem with packaging so its not the company its the retail store u bought it from. They damaged the package.Or u and/or ur family did.

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