Hungry-Man: Roasted Carved White Meat Turkey Review

This is a taste test/review of the Hungry-Man Roasted Carved White Meat Turkey frozen dinner. It has “white meat turkey with home-style gravy, seasoned stuffing, creamy mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables; includes an apple cranberry dessert. It is 430 calories for the entire 1 pound of food. Simply cook and serve.

Marie Callender’s: Roasted Turkey Breast & Stuffing Review

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Marcus Reviews says:

Great Review. I saw these at Kroger on sale for $1.99

issareign says:

Looks gross. Food looks good though.

Nodak81 says:

Is it just me or has the quality of HM meals gone down the last couple years? They seem to suck lately. Either that or I’m just getting tired of them, who knows.

YUKI INU says:

Just cooked it in oven-vegtable portion was 33% food and 66% air. cranberry sauce was half filled, Turkey had weird soapy taste. this was so different from the hungry man I have bought in the past that I wonder if it is counterfeit, like so many things are today.

Greg Kaczmarek says:

My favorite Hungry Man meal was the beer battered chicken tenders with cheddar steak fries ( I think it”s discontinued since I haven”t seen it in years.)  The steak fries had a wonderful smokey flavor.  This was another meal that was best prepared in an oven.

Kurt Henderson says:

Just had it, enjoyed it, ate the entire thing up in a few minutes. Only thing that was eh was the stuffing. I cooked it with the stuffing underneath the turkey the entire time though, which was probably my wrongdoing. The dessert was wicked hot at first, but I guess that’s just to encourage dinner before dessert. XD

romance698 says:

This is going to be my Thanksgiving meal. I know how to cook a great turkey with all the trimmings but i refuse to do it only for myself. Nobody is coming to my house on that day and this is the perfect effortless dinner I can have.

NibiruLives says:

Do we get those meals for free, or did you have to pay Money for it?

Mike Ryan says:

people dont understand how bad sodium is on top of the sugar naturally in it they add more to it & process it i watch mknes also

Kurt Wetzel says:

I recommended this one due to the fact it was under 500 calories. I found one which is Grilled Beef Patty meal that has 450 calories. 2 beef patties in gravy sauce, potatoes, and mixed vegetables. An okay meal but disappointed there is no dessert in this one. I prefer the a Turkey One you ate for a lower calorie Hungry Man meal.

Frank Ernesto says:

Not as good as the glop they fed us on Gulag 17, but does bring back old memories.

Alphonso Upnor says:

The only Hungry Man I will eat is the boneless chicken breast meal.

Freddie Slaughter says:

Have you tried the Mexican Style Fiesta by Hungry-man?

Mint Peal says:

They’re actually soo fucking good lol.

schmoo says:

These things taste a lot better when you cook them in the oven

~Gumi Chan~ says:

You would have given this whole meal a 5 if you used the preferred method.

Simon says:

That is my favorite frozen meal. I’ve always been partial to Thanksgiving dinner food & it’s just not something available everywhere outside of the Holiday season. I would eat those a few times a week, if they could figure out how to cut out at least half of the sodium in it. Without all the sodium it would be a killer meal for the size, not too much fat or calories.

Freddie Slaughter says:

That looks like pressed turkey, not too good

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