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Come take a relaxing journey through 3 Hungry-Man frozen TV Dinners, with Ian as your guide. Tasty.
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Xell says:

At first, I thought this was a cheesy series where Ian basically did the easy money food tasting review things. But now I know. These are PSAs. Especially this one. Don’t buy most Hungry Man meals. Thank you Ian. Your pain saved me pain.

theninjagamer says:

now banquet (try chicken fingers and chicken nuggets its pretty good in my opinion)

Zachery Siebenaler says:

Try banquet TV dinners!!!!!

saints146 says:

Get SodaStream and make your own sodas! Review idea!

saints146 says:

Im really just here for the amazing edits and sound effects

Travelgamer492 Gaming and vlogs says:

Am I the only one that shit themselves when the boxes came flying out of the freezer

swishpronoob says:

captain morgannnn

Leodan Suarez-Felix says:

Ian looks like He-Man.

BicycleSeatbelt says:

While the food was all completely disgusting, your sound design and cinematography are top fuckin’ notch. GJ, Ian, thumbs up.

cainplays /cainshow says:

I wanna see a hour long video of brutal moose saying “I HATE THESE FUCKING RONIS”

declan mangan says:

Every time he speaks someone knifes butter

Dark Western says:

oh man i would eat all that hungry mans

Luigi says:

Do Ice Creams Review! U WOULD LOVE IT!! :

Flying Pig123 says:

Should of put a nauseous face

Twister says:

I love this *I DO*

Yorktown 2 Phoenix says:

The chicken wings one is the best

Charlotte Harrington says:

*S U S P I C I O U S P O T A T O E S*

anthony ioane says:

Marie calendars frozen food

Adair's Channel says:

Ian i gotta say i’ve watched your channel for years now and things never get stale with you.
The opening skit was hilarious. Please never leave us we love you. <3

Surrealist Gal says:

Now, do a review of creamy, rich, delicious, Sara Lee Banana Cake.

Dapper Destiny says:

I remember I got a salisbury steak Hungry-Man and my green beans were inside of my frozen brownie. And in just about everything else like come on people what were you doing to let this happen???

Siena H says:

The sound effects kill me everytime

ThatGuyJakeLiberty says:

Original Swanson meals still exist here.

And yeah the chicken is good innit.

*Inb4 it still exists everywhere and I’m just dumb.*

ThisIsLandon says:

You should try Grilled Beef Patty. It replaced Salisbury Steak as my favorite

Spicy says:

really? I eat the chicken hungry man for dinner alot

Sean Bagel says:

40:00 I had to do a double take I was watching it out of my peripheral vision and thought that was Anthony Fantano

Pensive Scarlet says:

Awww, ya big baby, them taters is fine! Ya just gotta mix ’em when the SYNTHETIC HUMAN-BASED LARD GEL gets all separated from the IMITATION POTATO-BASED PRODUCT. Duh.
I think you ought to invest in some rock salt or something. You have a Himalayan salt lamp, did you know they make that stuff in grinders you can put on food? Perfect for these kinds of meals. I mean, you already put in the effort for fancy silverware, you should allow yourself one plain-but-fancy seasoning like a good rock salt.
When you pulled that chart-o-emotions, it made me wish I could subscribe multiple times.
It is sort of unfair to compare any other frozen chicken to Tyson. That’s just mean to even bring Tyson up in the same review as something like this. Then again, maybe it’s their fault for calling that crap “selects”. Not even the color of the actual meat is right!
“Maybe not that part … the scary piece.” Just fair warning, when you discriminate against dark meat like that, you’re going to get some people upset. I mean, I understand it’s just your preference and all, but I’ve seen some big black cocks take that sort of comment rather personally.
I wonder if you’ll ever be able to find some Night Hawk meals. They were the pinnacle of frozen “TV” dinners.

chicken nugget kitty says:

da mer kad kwisin plez

102 117 099 107 032 111 102 102 013 010 says:

hey that’s some quality content

Donovan says:

Hour long breaks between cooking? MINI VIDEO GAME REVIEW.
Food for thought?

Florin Everitt says:

These videos wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining without the crazy editing! The sound effects are gold.They are strangely satisfying to watch as well~ hope you continue!

orangetangyvideos says:

Do they have hungry man in England Yorkshire?

Brian Lister says:

Yo, quit bein gay.

LukeTheDuke 55 says:

12:50 not happy***

HermanHiltsman says:

You could try cooking actual food or following a recipe. I’d totally watch a brutalmoose cooking show.

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