HUNGRY-MAN vs. LEAN CUISINE! – Frozen Dinners Taste Test!

HUNGRY-MAN vs. LEAN CUISINE! – Frozen Dinners Taste Test!
i’m here with another food competition! but this time it’s frozen food! it’s hungry man vs lean cuisine frozen meals! they were both very different but very fun to review! i tried the fried chicken, sesame chicken and a lot more! thank you guys for watching my food review!


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princessducky says:

Where did you get that cherry thing on top of your fridge please?

Cross says:

No contest

Zach Smith says:

Dude stop being so flaymboyantly gay I don’t care if your gay but damn tone it down a bit

K C says:

These videos make my day omgg (and makes me hungry mostly)

Kam Reyn says:

When he made that A Wrinkle in Time reference.. I litterally just got dun watching A Wrinkle in Time..

ItzJey 108 says:

Why does every youtuber I see have those fancy ass rainbow silverware!!

MissVictoriaPaige says:

Just found your channel and I’ve been watching all day! You are hilarious and I love it.
LOVE lean cuisines

Malynn Pritchard says:


Nina Idris says:

Damn imagine Timmy’s tastebuds twerking everytime he eats

darmione shipper says:

Someone gonna tell him that was cranberry sauce??

Rockinsammy says:

Oh my god I suggested this!!!!

Sarah Whitley says:

What did you do with the leftovers? Did you eat and finish every single one or did you throw it away?

Camillia Shart says:

To be fair, you fucked lean cuisine in the fried chicken round by not getting actual fried chicken like hungry man. You got a way different meal, Asian chicken with noodles. There should be a rematch.

Alexander hicks says:

The extraness of this guy is annoying. Seems very unnatural

gissneric says:

I’m randomly singing “my fart is forever” because of this.

Panda Shoo says:

I’m legit hungry asf and watch Timmy eat is making me hungry lol

LeeAnn Stumpff says:

I HATE wet stuffing. Most of my family does. When I make mine I toast two loaves of sourdough bread and add minimal moisture. We like it crunchy. If it’s too dry you can cover it in gravy. And we all love gravy


Timmy you should use the mic for all videos it would be way less echoy

Jodie W says:

I just love you! You are so funny and I smile so much when I watch your videos. Thank your for being so fun and entertaining!!!

Aleida Cruz says:

Love all your videos

saraʕ·ᴥ·ʔ says:


Amyplayz124 for life says:

Cherry timatos

Jay Brown tycoon says:

IDK how I got here but I like it new sub here

JayJumbledVids says:

Hey so I think I figured out why his channel is dying he is just been doing meals for a while and before that he did diys so I was thinking he needs to do what shane is kinda doing try that timmy and see if that works

bratty bhabie says:

Every cell in your body is twerking, Timmy! Not just those tastebuds!

Einalem Ong says:

Yaaasss! Food is life indeed! Love this!

Jesa A says:

Can you do a Healthy Choice review?

Chloe Cassidy says:

Do it with frozen pizza

Hardcore Vidalia says:

Do mcdonalds mcCafe vs starbucks

Chad Amedick says:

Why does this man have the voice of a sassy black woman

Tom Jenkins says:

Yasss queen I need me one of those forks

Gøthic Strawberry says:

I know 2 tomatos. Timmy, and Jay

Sassy Cat says:

“My taco is always heated”

D is for D.i.M says:

Your weird af and I love it.
Twerk those taste buds.

Janie_ GrapeJuice says:

At 4:04 you can see his feet and there going over the top of the slides

brianskodak says:

you should do a Kids Cuisine LOL Nostalga Moment yeah the 90’s are coming back to me

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