I bought the whole frozen food aisle at the dollar tree… – Dollar Store Taste Test

I bought the whole frozen food aisle at the dollar tree… – Dollar Store Taste Test
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so i went to the dollar tree store to get a bunch of frozen food like burgers, chicken wings, and other things to do a taste test and it was all only $15 dollars lol. but it was honestly such a fun frozen food review! let me know what other #food you guys want me to taste test! thank you for watching!


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Angela Carr says:

I feel the same way I like solid meat not mushy

Raven Butcher says:

I used to eat the mini mama rosa pizzas after school and they still make them

Izaiah Morffis says:

I have a question not to be rude sorry but are u gay if u are i have no offense cause me beat friend is gay cause my friend talks like that amd i was just wondering if u where born talking like that tho that is cool oh and your so fucking funny wjen u cuse lol

Clayton Ray says:

When you sneezed it reminded me of “PATRICIA”

Samantha Bullock says:

I live in a small town in NC. They still sale Mama Rosa Pizza at our Piggly Wiggly.

Xabria Banks says:

Lmao I live for the dollar tree egg rolls but my queen doesn’t love them so I don’t love them.‼️

Xaphire Medina says:

I remember mama rosa!!

Foxbeastking says:

You’re videos are awesome

Dorothy Fry says:

Oh my! I remember those Mamma Rosa’s pizza. Now I want one. I found the single serve pizza at Kroger’s grocery store. https://www.kroger.com/p/mama-rosa-s-single-pepperoni-pizza/0007738711691#

Caitlin .Lambert says:

Mama Rosa’s is sold down here, so yeah I know exactly what you mean about them!

Silo jm says:

I love you Timmy I’m kinda a new fan but I can tell I will be one for a long time haha! I’m also watching all of your old videos I’m so happy to fill my time laughing with you thanks for your great content I’m excited to see where your channel goes <3

Ashleigh Lopez says:

our dollar tree has steaks, fish fillets, and chicken breasts i believe. but they honestly don’t appear safe

Sarah May says:

I know the pizzas you are talking about, I think they have them at shoprites. You can put your zip code in on their website and try to find the closes place that sells them.

Sassy Cassy says:

Timmy I don’t know HOW you do it…? I wouldnt touch any of those items with a ten foot pole but it sure is hilarious content! “Hi, How are ya? Welcome back to my diahrea”

Julianne Sullivan says:

Timmy is the only youtuber that makes me genuinely laugh out loud. 🙂

Kelsie Lyon says:

i live off cheap food like this. without it, i’d starve. lol.

I-can-speak -sludge says:

Omg Timmy I have the same pattern of fine china! I feel so rich! Love the video!!

mousecake says:

I actually really like their fish burger. in my crazy poor days, I’d buy a few if those and use Carl’s jr honey mustard sauce and it was delicious! I should try it with chick fil a sauce now that I have one in my area…

Michael Green says:

Captain Marvel was a very mediocre movie. Which is good since every iteration of the comic failed miserably.

rachel bernal says:

OMG I used to have mama rosa pizzas. But I got the personal pizzas as a child

wendy kys says:

6 ads? Oh no ;-;

Kayden Luke says:

It wasn’t expired. Best By means that the food tastes the best before that date, not that it expires then.

Vicky the bunny says:

I will always *FUCK* with fast bites food.

jesustapdncingchrist says:

please do Trader Joe’s!

chiefdancingostriche says:

i like the veggie burgers 2 per pack. tastes like potato is a main ingredient.

Steph M says:

That fart…. “was that a ghost?” We call those tiger growls in my house.

Angela Navor says:

hey timmy! mama rosa has a website that lets you know if your area carries their brand if that helps 🙂

night8883 says:

That’s bad advice. Poor quality food gives people health problems and has no nutrition.

jesustapdncingchrist says:

if you Google mama Rosa’s mini pizza you’ll find a bunch of links for them, still stacked two to a package

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