I Tried Every Marie Callender’s Meal I Could Find… OMG

I Tried Every Marie Callender’s Meal I Could Find… OMG
i’m here with another #food #tastetest! but this time i’m trying marie callender’s, literally every frozen meal i could find! i tried almost everything like the mac n’ cheese, chicken tenders, buffalo wings, and a lot of other stuff! thank you guys for watching my food review! it was so fun to make!


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Chakeina. Love says:

Omg can you like be my new best friend because you are hilarious

Mckenzie Smith says:


Kayla Stephens says:

“i think were all crusty” literally choked

Taylor LaMarche says:

I love your chair!!!

J and O Ellis says:

After you eat all of the meals what do you do with the leftovers

Mima Vivi says:

The roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and corn is the absolute best. It’s the only one that actually taste like real home cooked food. And it’s also the only one that’s hard to find.

banana co says:

Let me mix up a BITCH


banana co says:

Also “snatch every hair out my vaginal canal” had me ROLLING

Kristina Mnatsakanyan says:

Where’s the caviar?

westabsupply ebay says:

You want to try a really good Marie Callenders chicken pot pie? Try one in the restaurant, I used to work there and they are different from the in store versions.

Keily Coggin says:

You should do a sushi video plz do one

Emersen Phillips says:

I’m offended you didn’t get the iconic chicken pot pie

Shannon Dean says:

POT PIESSSSSSS! She has the very best ones.

Leigh Fink says:

I just started watching your videos and i wanted to offer a suggestion for frozen mac and cheese. https://www.stouffers.com/en/our-dishes/urban-bistro/cheddar-goat-cheese-mac this is my favorite frozen mac and cheese. I havent seen alll of your videos but you should totally do a stouffers review because they have so many different “styles”. I personally dont know why but this urban bistro is bomb!

Darell Grant says:

I have an aunt or cousin trapped in his body…yes I’m BLACK!
He has a PERMANENT invite to the cookout. Him, Aquaria, Willam, Katya, Ellen POMPEO, and a few others….

Chelsea Nikki says:

You hungry shop and I love it.

Taylor W says:

Make my ass burp burp lol

Nicole Murray says:

Wow I absolutely adore you! I’ve always gotten the fettuccine Alfredo lol… you funny as hell tho I swear to god wish you lived in Hawaii bitch!! We’d be cool as hell

Kayla Martinez says:

I work part-time at a grocery store so I buy these for dinner all the time haha! They are honestly really GOOD

Zoey Nicole says:

I thought you’d hate the Alfredo cause last time I had it which was maybe a month ago it was so freaking bland it was awful lol glad someone likes it though!

Tasha Jefferson says:

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Katie Price says:

The calories are low but the sodium is ridiculous

kꆭnᒎiro - Я.Қ.† says:

You should do a second episode of trying frozen pizza’s

vanessa latina says:

fettuccine Alfredo is not italian we dont eat that crap

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