O That’s Good Oprah Food Taste Test

Oprah recently came out with a line of microwaveable sides and soups called O That’s Good, and me and my friends tried them all!

Oprah’s food is sold at different stores around the country, but thanks to AmazonFresh, I had O That’s Good delivered! Check out AmazonFresh grocery delivery here: http://amzn.to/2AFs6Ly

We tried mashed potatoes, garlic mashed potatoes, three cheese pasta, Parmesan pasta, butternut squash soup, loaded baked potato soup, tomato basil soup, broccoli cheddar soup… Check out the video for what we thought!

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Chris Deogburn says:

I love the butternut squash soup!!

Thomas Gahagen says:

Watch you with my family and its always fun to watch your Disneyland videos,family videos like thanksgiving and Christmas,and seeing you try to make a baby smile,twice.Thanks Adam for a great year of videos,2018 is going to be great.

NickJohnson videoss says:

I want my weight to fluctuate like Oprah throughout the 80’s and 90’s Yummy Mmmm I can almost taste the depression setting in …surprised she used the color purple to push this crap …the will last on store shelf’s for a wrinkle in time!

Garcia Nabi says:

I am the first one to watch

Lejon Leonard says:

I was really looking forward to tasting”O that’s good!”….but I won’t ever touch it now since Oprah is promoting that legalized prostitution commercial with black prostitutes &them having babies with their white pimps.

Garcia Nabi says:


NBA and NFL Highlights says:

It’s late at night and you made me very hungry, Adam. This is so unfair.

Naturally Grace says:

The butternut squash and cauliflower are not alternatives they are just add to the dish

Olivia Southerland says:

Had no idea! A must try!

Zardinen says:

“Oh That’s g-….” Oh dear. Adam! how rude! 😀 Loved the video though 🙂

NF Games says:


Macho Bricks says:

I am the second one to watch

Teri A says:

Is amazon the only place you can buy this?

riley payne says:


wlwal1 says:

Nice taste test with friends, Adam!

Norma Rivas says:

Hi ajruck

Will Nefferdorf says:

It sucks. Don’t waste your money

Iris Dottery says:

Thanks. I’ll try them now. Before I only heard her say it was good, which she has to say.

kate eddins says:

It’s,a same there is so much salt in the recipes.

Armando Salgado says:

Dayum! Whitney is hot!

Cliff Roberson says:

O that’s crap if it has her name on it. No thanks!

Joe Noyes says:

Now re lable it Trump and they woukd be pretending to vomit.

tripjet999 says:

The WORST thing about this is the fact that it’s sold by Kraft/Heinz, which is owned by the CRIMINAL TOBACCO-DRUG PUSHERS!

Take your tobacco-drug-tainted garbage to some other planet, Oop-rah!

Luis Cortez says:

And just like oprah the food sucks

S Standifer says:

After trying the Baked Potato Soup, I’ll never try any of the other products. I cooked in the microwave to the package directions and potatoes were half raw. Didn’t taste anything like good potato soup. Not to hammer you, but do you guys eat homemade food ever? This was no comparison and a huge letdown. O, not so good at all!

Josie Smith says:

You’re all making me hungry!

David Heller says:

Whats the fat content and calorie content?

Taco Face says:

That was pretty cool

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