O, That’s Good! Oprah’s New Frozen Uncured Pepperoni Pizza Review

Whitfield’s Food Revue grabbed Oprah Winfrey’s new pizza from Publix.
The O, That’s Good! Frozen Uncured Pepperoni Pizza 24.1 oz, Carton
O, That’s Good! brings you the classic, cheesy pizza you love…now
with a nutritious twist! One third of the crust is made with cauliflower*
but our pizza is so delicious you won’t taste the difference! It’s pizza that loves you back.

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Bliss Catharthey says:

Cauliflowers a vegetable, so YUCK!!!

Josh Sparr says:

I liked your fruit loops mini donuts review looking forward to more content

CJ Cutter says:

I’ll stick with my doctored up Tony’s!

E.L. Norton says:

It looks inedible compared to real pizza.

Josh Sparr says:

You gotta try out the new taco Bell caramel apple freeze and burger King spicy jalapeno chicken sandwich

Whitfield's Food Revue says:

Who has the best frozen pizzas?

Josh Sparr says:

bk jalapeno chicken sandwich

Robert escobar says:

Awesome. Love these grocery store find videos. Will have to give this Oprah pizza a try!

Kristie Dilcher says:

Caulipower brand pizza is actually pretty decent for a frozen cauliflower pizza. Me? I rather run up the street to the local pizza joint and get a fresh $7 medium cheese pizza.

Josh Sparr says:

What and when are u gonna be doing a new video

Candace Cherry says:

Looks delish

Josh Sparr says:

Hardee’s fruit loops mini donuts

Josh Sparr says:

Are u two constantly together

Janice Yamanaka says:

We like the grocery store food reviews. Never had the Oprah items, but we’re not sure it should be rated so high. You didn’t factor in cheese pull. We didn’t see any measurable cheese pull! Major disappointment. 😉

elfskin69 says:

Have you eaten Oprah…lol.

kruff39 says:

I think i will eat Oprah lol!!!

Josh Sparr says:

I hope you review the taco Bell caramel apple freeze

John Krop says:

If i see this on sale i will give it a try. I really like garlic mashed cauliflower.

raaghav patel says:

Nice vid

Cindy Duran says:

I wouldn’t endorse an Oprah pizza but that’s just me… by the way have you ever tried Trader Joe’s Habanero hot sauce on pizza it’s the best!

Andrew Reyes says:

Market side pizza that is available at the deli in Walmart is very good. It’s not frozen, it’s refrigerated. It’s an amazing tasting pizza for a very reasonable price

Elizabeth Rickard says:

Oooohhh Winfrey. Glad you cleared that up. Yeah I saw a couple of reviews of this. Those folks hated the cooked cauliflower taste. I like it mashed so who knows might like this. And, yes, grocery store reviews would be awesome 🙂

saskiapanter says:

I love it. I tasted in it a local supermarket (not the Oprah one). Yiu can taste the cauliflower but I like the taste a lot

Nancy Aufner says:

This pizza stunk up my kitchen and it was disgusting…..I know it was the uncured pepperoni! My sister and I threw it in the trash. Disgusting flavor.

lionel sancha says:

Maybe a little parmesan would’ve worked

captainakron27 says:

Pepperoni cups are so good! #WFR

Josh Sparr says:

I liked the Chicken nuggets video did u guys try the little Caesars 5 meat pizza it’s off the hook

Josh Sparr says:

Dude have you ever thought about shaving off your beard and moustache

lucas mcquillan says:

I’ve tried that I think it’s awful I do like their cauliflower mashed potatoes however

TheMetal Pigeon says:

Interesting that you note the distinction between delivery pizzas and frozen. Even the much vaunted DiGiorno with its Not Delivery Its Digiorno tagline still tastes like a frozen pizza in that indefinable way. I sometimes suspect that its because they ask us to cook these things at lower temperatures (425-450) instead of closer to the 475 range. I guess a great question for the next live chat would be how do you like your frozen pizza… what price level gives out the preferred comfort food satisfaction? I’m going with the 3-4 dollar store brand Red Baron-esque level. They’re often built to be relatively thinner, slightly crispy at the crust pizzas with bare bones toppings (pepperoni, supreme, 4 cheese blend). I find they’re more satisfying than the big DiGiorni types which just have uber-bready crusts that I can’t really get into.

Josh Sparr says:

Please try the little Caesars 5 meat feast

Lisa TheCatDude says:

I got a cauliflower pizza (not this brand) and it totally stuck to the pan. As long as it won’t do that, I think I would like it. This one looks good.

Cacti88 says:

Jen looks fantabulous in this vid.

Josh Sparr says:

That Pizza looks pretty Small

ethelmonk says:

thumbs down on okra pizza

Matt Covington says:

If this pizza is good enough for Stedman it’s good enough for all of us!

wrestlingMachine28 says:

Jenn didn’t use a fork while eating pizza 🙁 Dislike.

Dirty Pours says:

Great review!!!! And ya I like hot sauce with pizza its amazing… but i cant lie.. when u said it’s made with cauliflower u scared me a little. But in the end u guys said not bad so I guess it’s worth a try

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