Organic Vegan Frozen Food Reviews – brutalfoods

Ian takes a look at some organic vegan frozen food! It’s Carla Lee’s Nut brand – for if you don’t want meat, but still want to eat!
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Alex Corcoran says:

Damn I want some of those Carla Lee nut burgers now… She should totally sponser you xD

brutalmoose says:

Hey guys, thanks so much for watching! Hope you like the new foods – I’ve got something DIFFERENT AND EXCITING coming up soon!
If you want more Ian, come hang out with me at my stream some time:
Also check out my second channel for lots of chill gameplay! –
Thanks again for all the support!

spongebob having a vietnam flashback says:

Come on we all know that everyone laughed at *nutballs*

Ben Bleyendaal says:

Hilarious vid, brutalmoose! The editing is so great! Keep it up! and I’m glad to see you kept it just subtly bizarre, not over the top. Just right

Nakysha says:

The sound effects just cured my depression

Rays' Kitchen Holocaust says:

I legumeately cannut handle any more of these puns.

Morphic c says:

A burger without ketchup or mustard? BLASPHEMY!

Kakkarot22 says:

never tried nut burgers but i love taking a beef burger and boca burger together, its delicious especially with cheese and mustard

katta salmiakki says:

18:35 that was so cute i cried

Stop it. Get some help. says:

Let’s *nut* waste anymore time

DieRomantic5000 says:

DEEZ NUTS! I had to say it..

Lieselotte Aya says:

organic and gmo-free is a scam lmao, just buy normal food

FoxMan says:

I always go for Morning Star when it comes to organic frozen burgs. Those are the best, my dude.

That being said, I’m curious about *_NUT_* now. I’ve never seen that brand before in the East coast and I’m wondering if it’s a regional brand.

Taylor Aguilar says:

Hey Ian, i want to nut in your hair.

Donald Edwards says:

Do you edit your videos with the intention of making them a borderline YouTube poop?

Oliver Mohr says:

Amiibo acids

spirit2fusion says:

Never seen that brand before. Maybe it’s regional? Try morningstar~!

Karyn Peterson says:

you know how normally people say “lol” or “i’m literally screaming” when they’re really just sort of laughing internally? when you said “nutballs” i actually screamed in laughter. thank you for this.

MrMan01 says:

I gotta say man, I am loving your newer style of editing. From the sound effects to the select zooms and cuts. I really feel like you are starting to come into your own. Wishing you the best of luck, and I look forward to the next video. ^_^

That other guy that called you “ProJared” at PAX that one time.
~MrMan01 (aka Josh G)

jarett sampson says:

Turn it into a real costom burger and give it to someone

Ressurection09 says:

Watching you cook is so relaxing

spaceace says:

you should try some gardein or morningstar soy products if your local groceries have them. they can be a little weird sometimes but generally they’re pretty good!

Sergio Felix says:

Kung Pow reference at the end nice

GOLDENBlades says:

Ugh.. I think these videos are starting to eat at my sanity.. Ugh. Nice video though!

bigfootlive89 says:

I think you should have put spaghetti sauce on the nutballs, because that’s how meatballs are eaten.

It's a me, DIO! says:

i’ve never seen anyone so happy about their food not being terrible.

Ben Tassie says:


al145 says:

There’s a handful of the veggie-burger type things now that are actually really tasty. Seasoning is key.

Amy Robson says:

Long time watcher, first time commenter.
Been an avid follower of this series. Never expected to see vegan products come up and, as a vegan, I’m super thrilled.
Really great video!
I have to admit, my heart sunk a little when you added cheese to the otherwise all-vegan burger meal but then the tacos came out and it was like ‘Whelp, I guess we’re going crazy up in this joint!’ and I just kind of threw my hands up and accepted it. XD
As for the food not being a direct sub: Yeah, pretty much. When using the term ‘burger’ or similar I think it’s more referencing the shape rather than trying to replicate the flavor. I’d be pretty damned shocked if I got a nut burger hoping it was nutty and, instead, it tasted like beef.
The color thing was super interesting too, as I haven’t thought about that in a while. I guess it’s the same principle as expecting bright red tomato ketchup etc. even though it’s naturally not bright red and has colored that way just to meet consumer expectations. We’re so acclimatized to certain food and it’s so much more than just taste.
This comment is probably far too serious for a video like this already (soz) but I recommend the book/audio book Gastrophysics to you. I think you’d like it.
Thanks for the great content!

FlameB1 says:


jodyanthony says:

Your sound effects choices always make my day.

Em Wiebe says:

“Sara Lee’s Artisano Bread” Who else thought of Televoid: “I eat a lot of Sara Lee Fresh Banana Cake”

Kabobawsome says:

Why do I love the series so much? It’s watching someone read boxes and eat food, this shouldn’t be as good as it is!

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