People Are Obsessed With Trader Joe’s Frozen Foods

Trader Joe’s is known for its low costs and quality products. Fans of the brand say their frozen meals are some of the best of any grocery store for their taste and value.


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That OneGuy says:

Who loves eating frozen food everyday? That’s disgusting.

TG says:

Who the fuck drinks milk with a burrito ya idiot

veggie patty (LS HP MM HB)bean burger says:

I think you mean Aldi nord

Ash Win says:

did I just watch 2minutes and 57 second advertisement ??? and who the duck drinks milk with a burrito !!! ??

aaronwcheung says:

The man with the spaghetti doesn’t think of what he says. How dumb

TG says:

i wanna punch that first guy in his face

Francis the Catholic slayer says:

is this an advertisement???

Phoenix Holden says:


Brian Ramos says:


Pepsi Puppy says:

buzzfeed lite

YogaTeacher Jose says:

Food for hard-headed folks.

artfrat says:

fuck off

Insert clickbait Title says:

I hate how you americans eat so much crap and say how cheap it is

Naughty internet person says:

Sponsored by…….Trader….Joe’s!

John Smith says:

So you interviewed people who have no fucking idea about cooking, about foods that need no cooking.

Unsurprisingly they focused on price, primarily, and made random comments about SPINACH and displayed a staggeringly uninformed level of understanding about basic nutrition.

I feel you intended to highlight how stupid these people are regarding nutrition. Or actual flavour.

Hazoish ? says:

He fucking said add soy sauce on a burger and it’s Asian xD who the fuckkk wrote these mutha fuck n scripts

The Great Mizael says:

Gordon Ramsay : Is this frozen ?
Trader Joe : Yes
Gordon Ramsay : Fck me ..

potlovingchef14 says:


Dusty OldBones says:

i’ve never claimed this before in my life, but these people are “basic bitches”.

Josh Wisel says:

I fucks with mandarin orange chicken

Miso Smat says:

3 dollars is still expensive in my book

But then again most people aren’t peasants and trash like me when It comes to money

NK says:

“Fake Frozen Food” What an incredible use of stylistic devices in here.

DANI G says:

I used to always get those chicken verde burritos.

Simon Lean says:

1:11 so he pretty much just said it taste like shit.

Manic flying cat says:


Brandon says:

Why was it funny when the potsticker lady said she bought her cabbage at Trader Joe’s

kevin sievens says:

Is fetuccinie guy said the pasta bad, promotion error

nai727 says:

Thanks captain obvious! Everyone knows that Trader Joe’s is fuckin good!

Dixon Adair says:

Trader Joe’s needs to bring back their matcha ice cream!!!! What ever happened to it!?

Akku Ankka says:

Is this actually an add

Riley Betz says:

I don’t spend 10 dollars on lunch I’m not a liberal so don’t characterize me you punk


God damnit, I wouldn’t eat a single thing from this video

Poka Dot says:

I legitimately think business insider is getting paid a fuck ton of money to basically advertise for different things is it not a lil fishy how all their opinions are positive not one was negative

NSM Earthshaker says:

“Different meal so if you add soy sauce, it’s Asian. You add pesto, it’s Italian” Makes sense (Sarcasm)

Dylan Cisneros says:

What the fuck is “mushroom flavor”?!

TheVietnamese Shāwazu says:

0:10 i thought the guy on the left was Gordon Ramsey XD

Jerry Dunham says:

We have Trader Joes here. They suck. The food is over priced and tastes like hell. Don’t know about the trader joes in your area but around here the workers are unhelpful assholes and think they are better because they buy the over priced craptastic food.

BASE452 LIVE says:

It’s span-oh-co-pee-ta

stormin norman says:

“its not some fake frozen pasta”
*says while eating frozen pasta*

Fresh Mint says:


Tuanicular says:

Business Insider people*

Lil Doge says:

Sponsored by trader joe’s

Riley Betz says:

I can make a 10lb pot of pasta with tomato sauce, cheese and penne pasta for $3 that lasts me a whole week of Lunchs so I like my plan better

smag61306 says:

I love how she says for under $4! Um no $3.99 is $4 with the consumer thinking it’s less. They take a penny off so you think your somehow paying less than you really are.

aviation call Icarus says:

who else eat’s canned beans while watching videos??

•michelle• •silva• says:


Angie 707 says:

I don’t have a Trader Joes where I live, I have like fucking Walmart

Riley Betz says:

you mean to say stupid liberal millenials waste there money on Trader Joe’s frozen foods

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