PF Chang’s General Chang Chicken Review: Freezerburns (Ep582) Featuring Cooking with Jack A couple of days ago I received a voicemail from my buddy Jack from the Cooking with Jack Show. He just finished making General Tso’s chicken from scratch and apparently, it was not easy to do. Jack wanted to know if there was an easier way. He’s in luck because PF Chang’s hardly ever lets me down with their frozen meals.

The Frozen Food Master reviews this PF Chang’s General Chang Chicken. He will tell you how these frozen products looks, smells, and tastes in this episode of Freezerburns.

Check out the Cooking with Jack Show!

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Monique Rushing says:

General Toast in english in nyc

LMTR14 says:

you look like shit compared to 2 years earlier. all that crappy food sure took its toll, eh?!

NoFun AtAll says:

general finishes comes to mind

Des420 says:

For that price you can get fresh made food from a restaurant…and in larger portions.

I’ve also heard some Chinese people pronounce it with a silent “S”…”General Toe”.

netta2158 says:

why, General Patton of course!  🙂

gregs nigga says:

Making this up right now.

gs5181952 says:

Review the InnovAsians cuisine frozen food.

Blake Thingstad says:

I’ve tried these P.F. Changs frozen meals and they’re just terrible. The flavor itself is fine, but the chicken is soooo soft. I want it to be crispy, but it just can’t be the way it is supposed to be prepared (from frozen all while in the sauce). I’ve tried these a few times hoping they would be better for some reason and they were disappointed every time, especially since I’ve loved the actual restaurant so much. I figured since its a brand coming from a great restaurant that at least their frozen product would be decent.

Wayne Black says:

I have used the PF Chang but the Best General Tso Frozen is by FAR InnovAsian about $5 each 18oz box

Maura Quast says:

My husband and I got one of these meals and it fed both of us, but then again I don’t eat a lot and we had it over rice. 

Bumble Bee says:

Well I thought of General…  just like Colonel for KFC. $7 is a lot, I agree. But I guess they have to deal with Union workers.

byungkuk1 says:

Usually you can spend just as much get a lunch combo around the same price.. usually like rice, entree, and soup/egg roll….etc

Lee Koppel says:

Wanna share your opinion on frozen food do it here. you might also win $100

Brian says:

And making it from scratch tastes 100000x better than the bag crap. Sadly, Americans are lazy as hell. And honestly, it looks like crap. Over battered chicken. Overcooked broccoli and barely any sauce. P.F. Chang’s is second rate if you know good American Chinese food(almost a decade in an award winning Asian restaurant). And yes, I’ve bought P.F. Chang’s frozen meals. If your town is that starved for good Asian food then go for it. Otherwise, there’s probably a nearby Chinese takeout that will blow that bag out the door. Plus you’ll actually get it fresh and with less additives. I agree with Dylan it’s a bit salty.  

Hanserpro says:

Might make a meal for two with rice.

Nicholas Hutchinson says:

Car Insurance… Incredibly stupid, oddly effective commercials

Christina Henry says:

on a bed of rice, it looks like it will feed my husband and myself.  but dang that is a LOT of sodium. 

mike smith says:

you can buy general tso chicken from about 30 places within a 20 mile radius of most homes

Schwezekiel says:

i somehow feel like you’re taking too few chews per bite of food.. lol

bigj2637 says:

ohhh hes clownin on jacks cooking!!!

Dylanamin says:

You can taste the sodium in this food. It’s really salty.

Peter Arbona says:

Wow that looks really good… there’s a PF Chang’s near my house which I’ve never been to, but if this frozen chicken looks that good, can’t imagine how good it will be in the restaurant.

JTV525 says:

jack sent me here

Gabe Bass says:

Paul Fleming and Philip Chaings

theguy58 says:

It does serve 2 of maybe 3 if you serve it with rice.

MAX says:

this dude is that stoner who always made the fire ass food for the boys growin up

Tewwy says:

is there any way to import this to somewhere outside the US? 🙁

AL Gossett says:

Good stuff but the sodium content is high so moderation is key!

TennesseeHicklyfe says:

General huh i think of a Russian general from the 80s with a hundred awards badges and pins weighing his uniform down lol

Vincent D says:

Chang = Chang
Tso = Chang…?

SongDog7 says:

I’m poor as hell, so I automatically think of the DOLLAR General lol

Hill Bros. says:

I think of general patton

Christopher Oster says:

Prefer InnovAsian General Tso’s Chicken. Also available in the frozen food section. It is about half the price. And it is baked instead sauteed. Which makes it easier and tastier. I’m not a big fan of the frozen bag sauteed meals. They always seem to end up mushy or burned to the skillet. I’ve tried other PF Changs meals, the Garlic Chicken is pretty good. I have a bag of the General Changs chicken in the freezer. We’ll see how it compares once I try it. I’d be interested to hear or see how Greg likes the competitor…

Lil Daggerdick says:

P.F. stands for Paul Fleming, Chang comes from Philip Chang (Chiang), the two founders of the bistro, P.F. Chang’s.

CJR Onetwentyseven says:

Yum,… I can smell it thorough the video.

falco4377 says:


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