Pizza Chef Reviews Delivery Pizzas

A must watch for all pizza lovers – who will win the title of best delivery pizza?!


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Simone Falco


Caleb The Shmuck says:

He makes pizza in Italy. Wow, guess his opinion is auttamaticly more valid then ours. People do relize that burgers aren’t even originally American and are still better here right?

Mohammed Alhawaj says:

For a more accurate comparison all pizza should be the same type.

Thomas Edwards says:

why are all the pizzas so different especially the pizza hut one should have got similar pizzas for all of them.

Carrot says:


Its Lessy says:

He’s got a patek

Steve Smith says:

Why have a test with different toppings on each

Mashedpotatah Johnson says:

Why would you put different toppings on the pizzas? Kinda seems to ruin the review for me since it is not consistent in that aspect.

Rumbly Biscuit says:

WTF is Sbarro I have never heard of the kind of pizza

Citrus Tron says:

Papa johns is my favorite, so I guess I don’t have good taste. I don’t like Pizza Hut because the edgy crust cuts into my gums and I have to feel that for a few days. It might just be the one near me though.

The white Nibba says:

Im a chef at kahfueksnxbfklosowbbxoccjsjsoldplo

Felix Soheili says:

Should have Barstool Sports to review

Aaron Selva says:

Dominos is honestly the best pizza out of all the other kind of pizzas he tried

Brian Baer says:

This guy’s an idiot. Lil ceasers is good lol

Kalb21 says:

Que clase de El comidista es este xd

Matt Hawkins says:

I guess I have to be the one to say it. American pizza doesn’t have enough sauce.

Tumeg says:

Should have gotten hand tossed pizza hut. Not a mini pan pizza

Delbert Grady says:

Why did watch while hungry

HyperDone says:

You can’t see sugar when it is already mixed in the dough ahhhh

Michael Lenaerts says:

Oh yeah yeah

kenny says:

why did you use all different toppings and kinds of pizza? and why didn’t you use the normal pizza hut pizza

AvoidingCape says:

Sbarro looks honestly like a normal take-away Italian pizza.

Ken Sánchez says:

French music in a italian video
Cool 2019

Sam Pinsky says:

Bruh fire this video’s editor

Oh yeah yeah says:

Oh yum yum

Louie M says:

What a pretentious twat

cooldbz12 says:

when I was little we would eat pizza maybe a total of 4-5 times a year. I didn’t care where it came from, I was happy.

Slice Dice says:

2:39 very racist of you
turn on captions

Ryan Gauthier says:

For the record dominos pizza looks nothing like that when you get it

CornishRicky says:

WHY would you make him try completely different pizzas from each? Didn’t you take science at school? Control the variables! Comparing a thin crust to an individual pizza pie… What!? Haha. That genuinely made me mad XD Seriously, thumbs down! So annoying lmao XD

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