Pro-Chefs Try Microwave Meals

“That is much worse than I thought it would be”

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Behind the video :
In this video we gathered some chefs to taste test microwaved dinners and give us their expert opinions.

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iDon'tCare says:

I can’t handle eating microwave spaghetti

Have my recipe

1 tbs salt
Pinch of cumin
Allow pasta to boil completely
A little over 1/2 cup of tomato sauce

OPTIONAL: ground beef

*You’re welcome bitches*

Gilles E says:

The food is shit, but the fact that we live in a world where we can eat what we want is a wonderful thing.

Rainbow Starsxxx says:

Irish Surgeons play operation(the bored game )

Siegmund Beilschmidt says:

GORDAN RAMSAY would flip his sh*t. Hell would freeze over.

MrsBlack 777 says:

Fuck these guys! Not everyone has time/patience/energy to be faffing around with stuff like salmon and kale. I love my microwaveable food

Sandor "The Hound" Clegane says:

Microwaves aren’t meant to cook food, they’re meant to heat it up. When I’m drunk the last thing I want to do is actually cook, throwing a frozen dinner in the microwave for a few minutes is leagues easier.

sdmfsdmfn says:

Someone tell me this guy in the jean jacket doesn’t look exactly like Brett gelman from the league

bins says:

why every chef seems a bit off?

Louis Nevers says:

The right way to do a Rustlers is put the bread into the Toaster.
Makes it 1000x better.

Samir Farah says:

I can’t understand anything their saying…

Grime - Love says:


Lit Productions says:

30 seconds ads FUCK that

Plummet says:

Pro chefs that nobody knows

Chris Riley says:

The only thing we used the microwave for was decrystallizing honey for the blueberry ginger vinaigrette. (the honey came from local hives, and sometimes came a little chunky)

CaliMeatWagon Gaming says:

To all the people who think microwaves are only for re-heating liquids, making popcorn, and “baking” potatoes, you’re missing out on a great kitchen helper.
If you understand how it is they produce heat in food, and how different types of foods react, then you can use them to your advantage.
Take a small bowl, some fresh broccoli and a little bit of water in the bottom. Cook at 30-45 second intervals. Perfect steamed broccoli. Slightly soft, with a vibrant color and a little bit of snap. Works for other veggies as well.
Want to make a small bowl of rice? Using the same proportions as stove top or rice cooker, put it in the microwave for 2-3, 5 minute runs.
Grease/butter the inside of a coffee cup, pour in 1-2 scrambled eggs, cook on 60-90 seconds. Fully cooked fluffy eggs at a perfect size for biscuits or English muffins.
Just like cooking with any other medium, you can make food horrible if you don’t know what you are doing, are using it incorrectly.

Tres Seidel says:

“Its a damn shame a cow died for that .” Best comment ever!

Danky Pete says:

It’s RAW

Iceni says:

So….. chefs then? Because a chef is already a profession

Josh Hill says:

Irish beef dinner, also known as Irish *horse* dinner.

Amy Lehane says:

Where’s Gordan ????

That Cute Red Panda says:

What the fuck is a bing bong?

Asher Tomberlin says:

Yah those look horrible lol

Justin Alhwayek says:

Your right it’s bad. Now make me food

gamerel tv says:

please remake this as gordon ramsay

Johnson Lin says:

For some reason I thought “chefs” was spelled “cheves”

Yasmin Safari says:

They probably use microwaves

Cyanide Suprise says:

I’ve had to live on microwave stuff because we’re poor and I don’t mind it.

Fuze says:

That young one is a prick

Latenightgames says:


Steve kickass says:

Title is wrong. Should be “Pro snobs who happen to know how to cook bitch about convenience food and talk about how good their cooking is in comparison”

CrazyMonkey 0117 says:

Microwaved food isn’t the greatest but I eat them anyways cause ya know, im broke af…

Bow Down says:

Some of y’all here are fucking morons.

I just love the conviction behind some of your comments when it’s clear you’re just regurgitating some shit you learned from some random ass facebook post about microwaves.

When you have the time, get fucking bent

Doctor Who, sja and aviation says:

Love how they like marks and spencer foods better

TheChosenOne says:

i wanna see these guys in hells kitchen to see what they’re about, or masterchef

Tania Henderson says:

I honestly love Rustlers burgers, but I stick the bread in a toaster until the outside is slightly crispy. Stops myself from having to eat soggy bread.

Fusiongearz says:

I microwave bread and it is 10 time better

Peter Potatomon says:

Boneless borger please

Cayson Hardy says:

I honestly think they are spoiled by eating alot of very nice foods not cheap foods so I think that they might be overreacting but I’m just speculating

Ailurophile says:

who is that handsome pale man?

AaronTheTossa says:

That first guy was annoying as fuck, shut the fuck up you gay retard.

Foodie Vlogs says:

I never eat microwave meals

Tommy Sandals says:

they should do another video like this except the last dish is from one of their own restaurants and see what they say lol i bet they’d talk shit abiut their own food because their mind thinks it’s microwaved..

RBKluuzGH says:

Healthy food.. I bet one of them really likes it more than anything else…yep I was right.

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