Review: BK’s Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry



SuperMarioZzZzzzZzzz says:

Your grace, this drink was poised by that witch! You must drink a cure disease potion before you run out of minecraft hearts!

james daz says:

The great man is the one who in manhood still keeps the heart of a child Gary you seem like you’re a lot of fun to be around and I try to hang on to my innocence as much as possible I appreciate your videos and the time you take to make them keep up the good work

EDP445'S Toilet says:

And this is what we call a “lnsest baby”

anonymous anonymous says:

Love the intro

Shootin Rope says:

I thought it was a cup of joe in the thumbnail

Tony Valencia says:

Overall I give this video overall a 10/10 overall

XXX Jr says:

Gary makes my day.

J Lee says:

GARY YOU are THE MAN Bro! Just recently came across your channel. I love it and I subscribed and hit the Bell! Keep up the good work man.

ClutteredGames says:

Loved your review gary!

Johnson Hesitant says:

This is what we call a “lnsest baby”

onefiveeight says:

result of inbreding

Ekna Ekner says:

cant believe you actually dared try that fanta… im shaking from just looking at the ad in your video

bs1820 says:

Gary your being followed

M B says:

Like this comment if you like Gary

Geni2000 says:

I give it a 9/10 and it’s cherry with black color with no orange in it lol

Kuprieson1991 says:

Buuuuhbam!! Nwooiice!

DepressedHat says:

Gary make merch

Jack Cunningham says:

hey gary, big fan, was wondering if you’d start reviewing blow-up dolls?

Tony Valencia says:

I love ya gary my favorite youtuber you going to get 1 million soon

Rex Sexington says:

Dude, that looks good, but BK’s slushies have a weird texture to them.

Like they froze the foam that’s on top of the soda when you pour it out.

Connor Ravenwood says:


Conner Plays games says:

Great vid

bobFromStateFarm says:

Kinda an odd question, but are you a vlrgln?

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