Sammiegirl ASMR Reviews Weird Frozen Food 먹방

Sammiegirl reviews the weirdest of weird frozen food in this asmr consumer review


The Cootsie Show says:

Here is a tip for next time you do food asmr chew with your mouth open a little so we here the sounds

Eric Garcia says:

sammiboy doesn’t like Doritos? >:/

Linda Phadphom says:

You’re so funny sammiegirl lol love your vids!

CJ Jeiven says:

Great video and review!!!!! Your hair is gorgeous. Looking forward to more!

Kévin Barreau says:

It’s crazy how you both almost have the same whispered voice XD

Angelina Khoo says:

Sammie girl is my favourite because she don’t say bad words like Sammie boy but I still love you guys

Alona86 says:

I had the Doritos from seven eleven before I recently had the mac and cheetos

magicaldreams12 says:

You guys both have the same kind of energy. Super down to earth and warm. I can just tell y’all are good people.

asmrfoodieuk says:

Damn is NYC still a crime haven?

HappyMonster Hype says:

You would have a such a huge asmr following. Please do more on your own if you can.

Potato says:

thats really cool snacks sammieboy and sammiegirl

Apathy ._. says:

Please, recycle those boxes. 🙂

Frosted Cupcake says:

I <3 her whispering. > w <

Internally Cruel says:

Sammiegirl makes me smile! you always do, as I think you’re cool AF. But, i like her equally as much as i like you, which is a rarity for me and other ASMR or Mukbangers. give her my love!!!

Lula Saxton says:

nomnomsammigirl your pretty and you should start a YouTube channel two

Potato says:

i live in alabama and we still have mac and Cheetos at burger king

aiden mullan says:


andrea leming says:

sammieboy and sammiegirl eating together please

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