Tai Pei General Tso’s Chicken Review

Enjoy restaurant-inspired varieties of single-serve Asian-style entrées, packaged in a fun, takeout-style box and ready to eat in just minutes.


Joey Emanuel says:

great review I stir mine around and mix it and i get a good meal with a good portion , and it taste great better then a restaurant to me , I love them I grab like six or 10 of these a month on my monthly shopping different flavors though I love them , I happen to like the portion so I’m not stuffed but i’m full when I ‘m done Your a great reviewer oh btw mine was not soupy this is my third month buying them I get mine at Walmart Supermarket it’s the same price , I think it’s quite simple and saves time on dicing and slicing all these veggies and ingredients. 🙂 10 stars

Lonnie Wilson says:

I got ripped off! I paid almost $5.00 at Smart and Final Store! I removed the plastic wrap before microwaving though…box only half full.

Carroll Durodola says:

You are so cute. Thank you for your service. We need this kinda review. And we need us mature folk out here. Just eating the sweet and sour chicken – I know, a year later – it’s delicious. I had them a year ago and was disappointed so I didn’t have a high bar for them. Last year I learnt they were only good for fried rices, so now they’ve improved.

StuFuckingPot says:

I absolutely love watching your videos. You’re so pure. I really hope you’re still doing good.

Boxerman C says:

Rufus sounded like he was tap dancing in the background, awesome. Very good review. I almost ripped the package open until I saw your vid. Thanks. By the way, it’s probably a solicitor calling.

Wade Denman says:

They used to be 14.2 ounces, but they changed the packaging to an oval, which fools the consumer into thinking it’s larger, where, in fact, it’s now only around 10 ounces. And it’s sold at the same price! Nearly a third less at the same price! I bought 4 before I noticed the change, but once I started to eat them, I found the rice to be dry, and the beef to be tough, with less of it, and more gristly. A change for the worse, but better for their bottom end….until everyone tries it and stops buying it.

Martina Lola fraser says:

I love everyone of your videos

Vincent Falcone says:

Great review always got nice things to say about your chanel 🙂 general tso’s chicken is an all time favorite when I order other than pizza lol keep it up

Susy Medina says:

How old is Rufus?

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