Tai Pei Pepper Beef REVIEW | Chinese Food Reviews 🍱🍚

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Ryan Guy says:

sesame chicken!!

Hugo Arellano says:

I love orange chicken

Jet-Pack Hero says:

Good review, Tony. I haven’t been able to find these new Tai Pei dinners yet. Guess I’ll have to check some other stores. My favorite Asian dish actually is pepper beef. I also love sushi.

Chubtronic says:

You should maybe to taste of the big bowl noodles on al later video

ZimmerSquash says:

Dried Chilli Chicken rice

Carl Taylor says:

Just about anything with shitake mushrooms or any good Asian mushroom. Those things are packed with flavours and textures. And hot and sour soup is always welcome.

Carol Gutierrez says:

you should do the whole Tai Pe line…they have so many products. Haven’t tried all of them…the ones I did have been hit and miss with me.

scott thompson says:

was the tai pei pepper beef chinese dish good tony

David Jr says:

Did I miss something ? NO live show tonight ??

David Jr says:

I just bought some of these last week, the fried chicken rice was yummo.

Scott M says:

Just for you and just for you!

OffKilter Leather says:

I’m surprised that their pepper beef came out so well; their earlier version was total crap, so I just might have to give this one a shot!

Golden Vegeta says:

is that a rowdy piper vinyl figure (RIP hot rod)

Tomadachi Life Girl 101 says:

I’m on summer vacation!

kornetbeef says:

fried noodle

Eric Perich says:

Great Review! I Love Chinese Food!! Have a Great Awesome Friday Tony!

The Lebanese Unboxer says:

my fave dish is BEEF BROCCOLI, i adore the stuff, i can literally live on it, raw, stir fried, cooked, i just adore the taste….anw, this looks tasty, usually i buy noodles, never rice since we are a nation that loves rice so we eat it normally as part of the daily intake….

Logan F says:

I’ve always liked frozen meals. I like the ones that steam in the microwave.

Nate Gonzalez says:

So your gonna do the tic tacs soon tony ??? The cherry cola ones

Michelle Taylor Chapman says:

I love the shrimp fried rice by them

SneezinTits says:

I’ve been eating those for a while. I’m a big fan but they used to be bigger. just a couple ounces shy of a pound. it was upsetting that they made it smaller but kept it the same price. but like you said it is good for a frozen meal.

Presley 17 says:

that actually looks pretty good. Chinese and Seafood you can’t beat that

Bryan Hernandez says:

Great review bob

Betty Murphy-Grumpus says:

Pee wee Herman

Valerie a says:

chicken low main, and I make it myself..
egg rolls

Cucumber says:

The beef is sooooo tough. It’s everything else is good, definitely add some soy sauce.

Jerri Mears says:

Great review! I love Chinese too – good to have an affordable option to keep in the freezer!

Bobby Millionaire says:

Eat your broccoli young man…just close your eyes and think it is something you really like. Thanks for the review I just seen these and thought of getting them so now I know what to get. Hopefully I’ll catch you tomorrow mang.

Favorite Asian dish is vegetable egg foo yung with pork fried rice as a side and plenty of gravy.

Fried Bullet says:

Shrimp Pad Thai or Coconut Shrimp (the saucy kind served at buffet restaurants). Frozen Chinese tastes like mush to me.

malloribrat says:

I love sesame chicken!

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