The 5 Worst Tasting Frozen Foods : Freezerburns (Ep359)

I have tasted a lot of frozen meals these last couple of years. These are the 5 worst tasting foods in the freezer aisle. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

FreezerBurns is a show on a mission to deliver you real reviews and real answers to one of life’s most stressful decisions: choosing the best frozen foods on the planet. Greg is the Frozen Food Master and acts as both food critic and guinea pig. Join him every tuesday and friday as he eats his way through the freezer aisle one box at a time, only on Hungry Nation.



ghostrepublic says:

I understand, but the only patties available to me (that I know of) in my local supermarkets are Tower Isle. And I like them ok. I wouldnt mind trying other brands to see how their taste compares.

roxcyn says:

I would never eat those products.

erich84502x says:

I add salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, hot sauce, cheese or what ever I can find to add flavor.

TheAxio300 says:

the jamacan patties we buy are good they look differnt

W. Dearth says:


CalebDaG0at says:

Any body watching in 2016?

sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst says:

Banquet sucks in general, all their meals have a disgusting density…

Conrad Howe says:

I like the cheesy bacon meat patty I didn’t think it was bad

JoshIsFlying says:

Ha! My vegetarian sister has ate that tofurkey feast on thanksgiving for years . She loves it, but I’ve never been able to eat it after the first time I tried it.

Paul Edwards says:

lol when you ate the cheese patty meal i instantly pressed sub 

TheGuy58520 says:

He must have DIED lol

carveriscool says:

The Jamaican beef patties are fucking delicious. Although all I’ve had was the spicy kind.

chieff keef says:

Goldencrust. Patties way betted

Michael Paros says:

I think he was trying to give it more of a chance than the others because it’s made to be a meat substitute, so he was trying to pull something pleasant from it.

1800 Eli says:

That cheesy meat patty looked disgusting to me, I was walking home from school and going to get dinner, and I went past the meat patty and it looked so nasty, unhealthy, and disgusting. Also, I got a hungry man dinner that night.

Kevo says:

2017 ?!

Aidan Cox says:

My personal favorite reviewer.

120jml says:

Of Course you don’t vegan!!!!! Vegan meat products ARE GROSS AND DISGUSTING!!!!!

BON says:

rice grains………………….

Ken Laesser says:

Really like your reviews

JudgeCheerio says:


ryan forget says:

i could NEVER eat vegetarian food.

Jen Herrington says:

You may be able to blame the stores for having their freezers too cold, and not rotating the food???? Try more than one dinner from different stores…

Fiona M. says:

cheezey meat patty thing looked like crap

Helbrute says:

the spicy version of the jamaican beef patty is really good though

James Flynn says:

I don’t get why the Tofurkey is the most disgusting on the list. The other four made you gag and/or immediately spit out. Explain, if you have the time, Greg. 😀

i2v2s says:

Turkey is disgusting so if you try to emulate it you pay the consequences.

Gary Brice says:

Banquet is consistently one of the worst tasting line of frozen foods ( if you can call that crap food! ).

Ashley Leigh says:

Next time try the cheesy Jamaican beef pattys! They’re good!

Tanya says:

The best Jamaican patties are Tastee patties. You should watch the vid here on YouTube…History of Tastee Patties & Vincent Chang. You would have to visit Jamaica for that. You can purchase them at the Kingston airport if you want to carry some home. There’s a store in the airport that sells them frozen. If you don’t plan on going there, only purchase Golden Krust (with a K) or Royal Caribbean Bakery patties, in your grocer’s freezer aisle. Anything else is disgusting, including Tower Isle.

myshel988 says:

You are great hahahaha

Jackie Wood says:

That’s a McDonald McRib without the sauce. Put the sauce on it and voila!

cilla gomez says:

I wonder if my dog would eat that Jamaican soggy shit

XLR X says:

I have a horrible feeling that mcdonalds uses those rib quicks or whatever they are called, for the mcrib… :s they look exacty like mcrib patties ew

babs Mueller says:

Can’t you cook real food?

Joe Ees says:

I realize this is old but its grains of rice.

GreatBeyond74 says:

get er up the butt?

Beveanne Harrold says:

thanks. the family does the dog test on my cooking, where if the dog won’t touch it they won’t either. but its supposed to be foolproof when i go for the freezer aisle. thanks for the heads up. says:

honestly, I doubt that tofu turkey tastes anywhere near as bad as a Frozen “Amys” Mexican casserole bowl. That was the absolute worst thing I’ve ever tasted. I couldn’t stomach more than 1 bite. I’m by no means a picky eater, I will eat anything, and even if it tastes pretty bad I don’t mind and can finish. This Mexican casserole dish made by the Amy’s brand, was just disgusting. 


Banquet sucks!
Hungry Man FTW!

Anonymous Capybara says:

Wheres kid cuisine

Verbum Vincet says:

I love the “hot” beef patties, but you have to cook them in the oven and drown them in habanero sauce to make them tolerable. They’re much better from the Jamaican restaurant in town. The “mild” ones suck, like Greg said, and especially so if you microwave them…

hank kill says:

Eating a toy, LOL xD!!!

Tanya says:

Tower Isle? I’m surprised they are still in business on Atlantic Avenue. Nowadays I see more Golden Krust and Royal Caribbean Bakery patties in the supermarket. They should be called Tower Isle JA-FAKING Patties. No offense and to each his own, but those are the worst patties I have ever consumed. I spent a lot of my summers in JA as a child and never tasted a patty like that. The best patties are Tastee, Royal Caribbean Bakery and Golden Krust. I’m not attacking you just giving my opinion.

John says:

Rice grains

Mike Perrotta says:

Do you play xbox

ghostrepublic says:

The Jamaican beef patties you should try is under the brand name “Tower Isle”. Their company is located in Brooklyn.

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