Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel 🙂 Today’s video is the SKINNY on Frozen meals – think Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, Smart Ones, etc. I go through four different meals & analyze each one! I hope you find all of this info helpful! And remember to check out all of the previous SKINNY videos if you haven’t already, and let me know what you would like ot see next! xx Becca



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Varvara Seliutina says:

Becca I just want to thank you for being an amazing influence and motivator for me in my journey to becoming an RD. I just heard back from EMU and I got into the Masters Coordinated Program. So thank you for being an inspiration!!!

Savannah Pena says:

This video was amazing and shared it with my mom who thinks that these will help her diet great information love the Amy’s too lol

Ciliawillia says:

What do you think about evol meals & paleo frozen meals from Walmart
Always very informative thanks Becca

Claire Trump says:

What are the possible side effects of carrageenan?

Alexus Hasler says:

your title says “THR” instead of the but BLESS I’ve been waiting for this video!

Samantha.jayy says:

Love love love the suggestions for vitamins! Please do that next! What about the brand I’ve been seeing at Target Olly?

Gabriela M says:

Love these videos! You should do a “Skinny on” cheese, including regular dairy cheese and vegan cheeses! Or on protein bars/powders, like Quest Bars, RX Bars, etc!

Soraya Villa says:

Skinny milk?

Elizabeth Sawyer says:

can you do a skinny on meatless meats like tofu??

Mari Gal says:

This may seem obvious but what about soda? I know it’s bad but it would be cool to know why. Thank you for all your help!!

Lindsay Foster says:

Why are all these packed with sodium?! Eeek!! Like to make it taste better I guess?

Emma Kirchhoff says:

can you make a video about sugar?

schwerelos says:

your anti vegan video was gross.. now i have to click this video to tell you since you deactivated the comments. Get over urself

jwathas says:

After my experience this weekend, I am DONE with the frozen meals! I have spent the entire weekend with the worst case of food poisoning ever after eating a Lean Cuisine Swedish meatballs with pasta meal for lunch on Friday afternoon. It was nasty and even just thinking about it makes me feel nauseated. I have NEVER been this sick in my life. I spent all of Friday night and Saturday morning vomiting violently and have had diarrhea since then. I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. Never, never, never will I ever purchase any of these frozen meals again!

Fitness With Cait says:

Definitely the sodium in frozen foods I feel is unnecessary because they’re frozen…they’re already being preserved. Most people get the majority of their sodium intake from processed foods so if they’re having that and other processed foods on top of sodium that exists in natural foods already, I’d fear the sodium levels would add up quick.

music10152744 says:

What do you think of Nutri system and other weight loss programs like that? I know the majority of the dinners are frozen, and everything thing else is packaged and able to be kept out in the pantry. Would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

Erin Dostal says:

Thank you so much!!

Elke Bartz says:

I love them meals I ate three of those a day I had myself my vegetables are my fruit really healthy lost 75 lb just make sure you drink plenty of water

Emily Williams says:

few amy’s is my one go to brand if i want something frozen! i was hoping to see it this whole video and it did not disappoint (as a back up of course to the real stuff)

Vyth Riel says:

I thought these were only for dinner.

Holly Wren says:

Can you do a video on superfoods? Like what makes a food a superfood and which ones are better than regular good foods?

Janie Elliott says:

I have learned a lot about different foods since subscribing! About 5 weeks ago, I completely changed the way I eat and have lost 16 lbs. I have a long road ahead but your channel has helped tremendously!

Ava H says:

I love Amy’s bowls!! They are so convenient when you have a busy schedule.

The Toasted Pine Nut says:

Omg I love that you broke it down. Frozen meals scare me haha 🙂

Lizzie Turbett says:

As a commuting college student, I really like Grainful frozen meals to take with me to campus. They don’t have weird preservatives and most don’t have high sodium levels, just real food and yummy spices!! Definitely the best I’ve seen out there!

Ashley Booth says:

I’d like to see a skinny on almond milks/ other milk alternatives!

Trifecta Pilates says:

Love the information on this channel!

keshia pelaige says:

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Alicia Adams says:

Can you do one for 0 calorie drinks? Sodas and other things like that:)

SomeoneElse says:

Thanks for pointing out that the calories were too low. I stopped paying attention to calories a long time ago, so I didn’t realize I still considered 100-300 cal a meal. And when I do notice calories, I still feel guilty for eating more that 300 at a time. Do you have any recommendations for how much someone *should* be eating for a square meal?

Lee says:

Lean Cuisine Sesame Chicken is damned tasty though. They are so easy to grab on my way out the door.

Talk to the Hands says:

Can you do the skinny on lean pockets? I’ve been eating more of these lately because they are low in calories and quick and easy, but would love to know what you think about them.

Optomystyc says:

Can you please explain to me why you think sodium is so important? I understand where it may matter for the average American who is sedentary, hypertensive, and overweight. However, a lot of research is now showing that the DASH diet is only effective in lowering blood pressure in people who are “salt sensitive”. So for people who aren’t salt sensitive, who are relatively active, and have an otherwise healthy diet, why does sodium intake matter?

Younes ZH says:

what a lovely girl

Chelsi Dickman says:

Awsome series.

Gloria Lagroon says:

Thank you, Becca! Great information !

Abigale Louise says:

skinny on pesto

Sara Gonzalez says:

Also it should be THE TRUTH 🙂 lol!

Kristen Stigler says:

Could you do another video on Frozen meals but of the some decent frozen meal options from the different brands? Some that are good to eat when you are in a pinch

Tracey Evans says:

I personally do not eat frozen meals. I have yet to find one without soybean oil or soy lethicin. Soy oil is a highly processed oil that causes inflammation in the body. Wish companies would stop using cheap unnecessary oils in their products.

Kristen Stigler says:

The skinny on soup!

Audrey J says:

Could you please do a video on the different types of butter. I would SO appreciate it!

Antonia Omede says:

This was really informative. Thanks

Country Steve says:

Banquet is the worst frozen meal.

Jessica Morgan says:

Skinny on soup

levimissy11 says:

I have high blood pressure and I would like to come off my meds, what do recommend for salt substitute or cook with a salty flavor.also what company do think has the best over all frozen meals for weight loss

Sara Gonzalez says:

Can you do one on frozen veggies and fruit? 🙂

Annette Obrestad says:

I dont think that Amys meal would fill me up… Food volume wise its only 269g worth of food… I cant work out cause of chronic pain right now, and my maintenance is only 1500 calories. I need at least 500g worth of food, includng a ton of veggies to be satisfied for a long time, but I also have a huge appetite and like to feel full. Usually my meals are between 3-400 calories, but this wouldnt cut it for me. Everyone is different tho.

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