TRYING BOSTON MARKET FROZEN MEALS! – Orange Chicken, Mac N’ Cheese, & MORE Taste Test!

TRYING BOSTON MARKET FROZEN MEALS! – Orange Chicken, Mac N’ Cheese, & MORE Taste Test!
y’all i tried almost every boston market frozen meal out there! all the ones i could find! LOL in case if you didn’t know this about boston market, they have frozen meals! so i decided to do a fun taste test! i also wanna do a taste test of the boston market restaurant! this was so delicious but it was a challenge tho lol let me know if you guys liked this frozen food taste test video! and tell me what other restaurants you want me to try! some of the meals i got were orange chicken, mac n’ cheese, and a bunch of others! thank you guys for watching my fast food review!


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sal pal says:

This is just hands down the best video ever you are the best i have notifications turned on and i subbed and am a timato


If your teased for being gay, make a YouTube channel where you make and/or try foods and you’ll never be teased again

Violet Helle says:

This is the best video I’ve seen in my life… even tho it isnt

Flexzz says:

sausagey lol

Stacey Smith says:

PLZ DO A HEALTHY CHOICE VIDEO!! I eat those alot too. huge variety also

Andrew Maravilla says:

Fuckin Hate broccoli

Fangirling is my Job, I get 3 dollars a week says:


Tyger Fields says:

*Burrrrp!! Ughhh…. This was the best video I’ve ever watched

Fabiola Cuevas says:

this is the best video i have ever seen in my life even tho it isnt <3

Libby Garcia says:

Slay me Swedish land!

Elijah Ealy says:

*burb* ah…. this is the best video I’ve ever seen… even if it wasn’t

Moon Girl says:

I hate watch these videos because it gets me so hungry but you’re so funny I just have to watch them

Lisa Donahue says:

U better salt that ish’ Timmy!!

Daddy Dean Howell says:

You’re an idol

X'zaivier Thorns says:

Buuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrp this is the best video i have seen in all of my life

Princess Lindsay says:

An egg noodle is eggy lmfao I love you Timmy I’m a proud tomato

Eric A says:

This was the best video I’ve ever seen in all of my life!

氷室 海斗Hideyasu says:

You should try tasting food from the dollar store!

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