TRYING EVERY FROZEN PIZZA! Which Is The Best? – Digiorno, Totino’s, & MORE Taste Test!

TRYING EVERY FROZEN PIZZA! Which Is The Best? – Digiorno, Totino’s, & MORE Taste Test!
so i decided to try every kind of frozen pizza i could find and it was so much fun! i love pizza, but frozen pizza can be really good or not so good so watch and see which pizza is my favorite! i tried digiorno, totino’s, california pizza kitchen, and a bunch of others! tell me what other foods you want me to try! what’s your favorite frozen pizza? thank you guys for watching my frozen food review!


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Runa Thomassen says:


Krisann Martinez says:

Who else is eating pizza while watching this

andrea cook says:

My favorite frozen pizza is Totino’s because it’s cheap, delicious, quick. Everything that makes food enjoyable lmaooo

Peyton Clark says:

My favorite frozen pizza is dignorio pizza it taste really good

rosas family says:

I like the party pizza too but I have to be in the mood

Jenna Quick says:

My favorite frozen pizza is Jack’s and totinos Lol love u timmy!!! Slay queen!!!

Sierra Westervelt says:

Jacks is so gooood

Perla Mendoza says:

Mine is jacks

Ryan Delafield says:

U gay ass pussy

Hernandez Olivarez says:

I was at heb a little while ago looking st all the pizzas I was like man a totinos pizza sounds bomb rn and then I see this lollollol

manny ichi says:

There’s a pilot on Red Baron pizza as the Red Baron was a fighter pilot during world war 1 Timmy <3

Angel Vee says:

You should try Red Baron Brick oven crust it’s WAYYY better…I love digiorno ‘pizzeria’ brand yumm…great video!

Savannah Vasquez says:

I agree, California pizza is a restuarant that specializes in pizza so they should be a good quality pizza

Katie Harding says:

Can we talk about how big his counter is? Like he even has room to throw them out of the camera’s view.

Giana Maria says:

Yes queennnnnnnnn

Kastenny Navarrete says:

I never had frozen pizza

larz says:


Hannah Getlin says:

I love Jacks!!!

Gummybear Queen says:

My favourite frozen pizza is either Delissio or Dr Oetker.

Leah Noel says:

My fave is tombstone

Vicky Swanson says:

My favorite frozen pizza is Tony’s

Libby Schindler says:

I agree with what he is saying on the redbarron. I like the pizza for the price and what not but it always tastes like cardboard to me..

Andrea Moon says:

The classic Red Baron does taste like cardboard but the brick oven and thin and crispy don’t !

No One says:

You didnt try Screamin’ Sicillian. 🙁

Deloris Cole says:


ticleve2 says:

Buy a pizza cutter you fucking asshole.

Rin Kagamine says:


Rachel Moore says:

newman’s own is the best pizza in my opinion i wish you tried that one

It's Cakey says:

Tombstone taste like garbage

Elin Rydén says:

My favorite frozen pizza is a brand here in Sweden called ”Garant”, it is soooooo good !!!! Specially the flavor prosciutto cotto funghi, YUM !!

Elley Snow says:

do pizza rolls count

spyro115 says:

*eats red baron’s pizza* “oh, it’s chewy, what is this cardboard?” excuse me? bitch, how long did you have that pizza out for? and how long did you cook it in the oven? don’t complain when you know when a pizza is left out long and/or not cooked long enough the crust is going to be chewy you fool, your opinion is valid if you’re not eating the food the way it’s supposed to be prepared.

Kaitlyn Hoeweler says:

My favorite is jacks lol

Jennifer Jenkins says:

I love California kitchen white pizza! So freaking delish!

Kat L says:

I’ve never had frozen pizza

Rayne Harper says:

Jack’s is the best hands down

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