Trying tons of frozen foods! Are they good?
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xxAlicexxhnp says:

I love how Charles likes to appeal to the busy rich stressed out Mom type

Miruna Maria says:

Trisha who??

Brittanni Anderson says:

Okay but why was I getting 90s vybz from this video lol

toasted DiCamillo bread says:

im not so familiar with your channel but maybe show some homestyle recipes as a video? since you love them so much!

Blondie B says:

If you are really hungry or tired, Lean Cuisine is fine. They used to have a “basil chicken” and also a “chicken piccata” one that I just loved. Of course they don’t make them anymore, probably about 10 years ago now… They came with pasta on the side that you could add the sauce to and it was tasty. They were really good. Lean Cuisine makes one called “Santa Fe Rice and Beans”, that one isn’t bad in my opinion. It’s vegetarian too and they’ve been making that one for years.

Raul Gomes says:

You’re such a mom. I love it.

Jensen Russell says:

An actual queen

The Good says:

Synchronicity time

When I found the upper-west side smoothie video I was drinking a green smoothie.

When I found this frozen food video….I’m was/am eating frozen food from Picard for the microwave oven: Gratin Dauphinois…basically creamed potatoes and cheese.
O yeah and veggie spring rolls from the same frozen section.

( I added salt, pepper mix, white pepper, tumeric and ..some leek and chives from my balcony garden to the potatoes…I had to.

…o yeah and….ketchup to the spring rolls. (-_-) )

My Loner style in regular rural suburban area Lol

PhiaDoll19 says:

You should try the Mac and cheese from a Trader Joe’s! It’s actually really good. Lol

Aretha Loves Bags says:

This was fun! Please do a dessert review soon.

Moon Shade says:

I love how he says he doesn’t like but meanwhile he eats almost the whole thing

kici kici says:

YOUR HAIR <3333333333

J Lon says:

Wonder if Charlie still supports Trump even though he comes from a shithole country?

Laura Wilson says:

This was HILARIOUS!!! “I don’t like this”… continues shoveling it down anyway. Charles, I love you. You CRACK me up. You’re everything you should be. A friend who entertains and informs. Sharing life. You always add that “special something” to my Day whenever I watch your videos. Try some frozen potstickers. They’re pretty great. I cook them on the stove, or even boil them in some Lee Kum Kee chicken bouillon and make like a homemade won ton soup. Maybe you can use veggie broth if you’re opposed to the chicken flavored bouillon.

BeanieBoopFairy says:

Do a part two please!!!! I love this video❤️

Kai T says:

your hair looks really nice a bit longer!

mujerazteca18 says:

Healthy Choice frozen meals are my favorite, specially the ‘steamer’ kind; I haven’t had one in a while though.

Kellye Potts says:

“Here’s my feelings…. I don’t like it.” Me always

Melina Tsintari says:

Loving your vibes in this video ❤️

Emma says:

you are the weirdest kid ive found on youtube

Miruna Maria says:

Can someone make 6:49 a gif?

Gamms2003 says:

enjoyed it — try OPRAH’s new food line.

Veronica Berry says:


Kelso Pendragon says:

Amy’s is my favorite frozen food. I’ve never tried the ravioli so I can’t speak for that.

Lily Martin says:

“Here’s my feelings: I don’t like it.”

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