TRYING OPRAH’S LUXURY FROZEN FOOD! – Pizza, Mac N’ Cheese, and MORE Taste Test!

TRYING OPRAH’S LUXURY FROZEN FOOD! – Pizza, Mac N’ Cheese, and MORE Taste Test!
so in case if y’all didn’t know oprah has frozen food! it’s actually really good! i tried the pizza, mac n’ cheese, mashed potatoes, and a few other things! i hope you guys like this frozen food taste test! let me know what other foods you guys wanna see me review in the comments! thank you guys for watching!


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Peta Duncan says:

I Was literally eating pizza hut pizza (Sorry Oprah) during watching the video and I didn’t even notice LOL

Claudia Perez says:

We need that mashed potato recipe timmy

Blue Cheese says:

He could be larray’s BFF

Dalvis Calderon says:

as i was watching this i just realized that timmy looks like a bird lmaooo , still lots of love

Crispy Butter Balls says:

Ah, I always love watching a new Timmy video before going to bed! Love your content as always, Timmy! -that pizza looked so beautiful to me…-

Laura Virzì says:

Tbh there are less fatty, lower calorie regular mashed potatoes or frozen pizza without the compromise of cauliflower….

julianatoli15 says:

i never place it on the oven rack either but thats just out of pure fear


Oprah mukbang

notforprofittho says:

Do starbucks

Courtney G says:

Healthy… Unless you look at salt content

schimpy1019ww says:

OMG yasss…you had me laughing out loud for real, as always! Luh yewwww!


Lol omg i laugh all the time watching u

blairsy says:

When I don’t have an appetite, I can always count on a Timmy Timato video to get me in a FOOD MOOD! lol

Will be trying those pizzas. 🙂

Teri Doster says:

The only ones I’ve tried are the baked potato soup and the creamy parmesan pasta, I thought they both tasted awful. I swore I’d never try anything from the brand again, but bcuz of your glowing review I may have to try the pepperoni pizza now!

Massie Block says:

I never put my pizza on the rack. I just cook it a tiny bit longer.

Brooke Walters says:

Love you!!

sad_ beæ says:

I literally watch you like 3 years and you still so funny and relavent I love you

HangTheDj says:

Someone call Josh Nichols and his car because Oprah has arrived.

Vanessa Vasile says:

You should taste test different Mac and cheese and mashed potatoes from the store and see which ones are the best! (It’s Bob Evans, they SLAAAAYYYY)

Libby says:

Digiornos is quaking

coolin with laura Johnson says:

More food vids please miss them

the beautiful cockroach says:

I read the title as “TRYING ORPHANS LUXURY FOOD” and I was incredibly confused

Phantom 2017 says:

Wait. Xoxopimplebitch and byebitch… they must be related.

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