TRYING P.F. CHANG’S FROZEN MEALS! – Orange Chicken, Dumplings, Noodles, Egg Rolls Taste Test!

TRYING P.F. CHANG’S FROZEN MEALS! – Orange Chicken, Dumplings, Noodles, Egg Rolls, & MORE Taste Test!
y’all i tried almost all of the p.f. changs frozen meals and appetizers i could find at the store LOL it was a challenge, but it was so fun! let me know if you guys liked this taste test video! and tell me what other foods you want me to try! eating this much p.f. changs food is the best thing i’ve ever done honestly lol i tried the orange chicken, fried rice, spicy noodles, dumplings, and a bunch of other food! what’s your favorite frozen p.f. changs food? i wanna do more restaurant reviews also! thank you guys for watching my review!


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jaelyn lanning says:

those dumplings look soooo good

MyOpinionNotYours says:

You remind me of Olaf and I am fucking here for it

dclange DCLange says:

Those dumpling look …. So good ! Haha whaaaaaat?!?!

chelsie michelle says:

Those dumplings look so good

Tiffany Ding says:

that ending burp was epic

annoyed fredbear says:

Those dumplings look sooo good

Kiyah Smith says:

I really love Chinese food its one of my favorite foods, but frozen Chinese food is the worst it taste nothing like good Chinese food or one at a restaurant. I hate that it always has the chicken nugget kind of taste no hate though who els agree

Reactor Master says:


Sharon Johnson says:

New subbie you’re to much love it lol

cassidy weaver says:

Those dumplings looks so good

Libby Garcia says:

I hope your buying these meals when they are bogo at Publix

Reactor Master says:

I love your channel I mean

ABN says:

Those Dumplings look so goood………..”in my high pitched voice” uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh waaaaaaaaaa”

Kristina Webster says:

U should do big boys food

Emily Nilsen says:

THISE DUMPLINGS LOOK SO GOOD! *skreching noise* WHAHH *burp*

Jose Cintora says:

Those Dumplings looook so goooooooood

Elizabeth Cordero says:

Timmy you sllllaaayyy

Leekee-Duh-Boo says:

I LOVE the orange chicken and honey chicken

Mia Breaux says:

I love wen he do these!

Barbara Saenz says:

That dumpling looks so good yaaaaaassssss

Laura Moseley says:

Those dumplings look so great.

Debby Dlk says:


Georgiana witrago says:

I love dumplings

Summer Breeze Johnson says:

It amazing with Rice

Tiffany Ding says:

i love you lol

Maggie Diallo says:

Those dumplings look so good

abigail28857 says:

Those dumplings look so good….. HAHA WHAT?!?!?!? I LOVE YOU TIMMY!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

Alysha Daniels says:

I remember watching ur very first vid and I shit my pants because I was laughing so hard u have grown so much – love u Timmy

Estrellie says:

Timmy….When you click on this you will know who she is and she needs you now more than ever I know you will probably have mixed feeling when you see this video but please she needs you Timmy you have such a kind soul and heart you know her please just click

Nancy Barrios says:

this boi would do good on chopped.

Trish Huggins says:

Those dumplings look so good,whaaaa!!!

Reactor Master says:

And I subscribed

Shomari A says:

New Subscriber HERE

Jessica Caraballo says:

Those dumplings look so good what!!!!!? *stomach growl* *burp* lol

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