TRYING STOUFFERS FROZEN MEALS! – Pizza Bread, Fried Chicken, & MORE Taste Test!

TRYING STOUFFERS FROZEN MEALS! – Pizza Bread, Fried Chicken, & MORE Taste Test!
y’all i tried almost every stouffers frozen dinner LOL it was a challenge, but it was so fun! let me know if you guys liked this taste test video! and tell me what other frozen foods you want me to try! eating that many frozen meals is actually a lot of work but i had fun lol. i tried the fried chicken, pizza, and a bunch of other ones! what’s your favorite stouffers meal? thank you guys for watching my review!


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Athena Nazzaro says:

I’m with u Timmy I hate mushrooms as well

su lps says:

Please watch damnation on Netflix I’m sure you’ll like it!!!

Diamond Deveaux says:

ohhh my goddddd pizza on breaddd YASSSSSS

The Emma says:

lmaooo the reaction to the tetrazzini

Queen Destiny says:

U should do trying other ramen noodle flavors

Samantha Cunningham says:

I swear you are the best

SarahAnneBumble says:

Oh my god pizza on bread yaassss

VampiricDarkn355 says:

No offense, but you’re upset u gained weight but… Seriously… All this fast food?!

Ariana Chavez says:

My name is Ariana and I was half paying attention when you said “Ariana come help me” and I thought for a minute I was actually being talked to…some twilight zone shit Timmy

Laura B says:

Test smart ones meals

Kaly Fank143 says:

Omg pizza on bread yum yum

Alexandria A. says:

Timmy, please make a video about HOT POCKETS yas qween SLAY

Caitlyn Vanity says:

Oh my goooood! Pizza on bread. Yaaass

Yazzelle Ramos says:

Omg pizza on bread. Yaaaaaasssss

Chloe Fisher says:

get a new chair it is so anytime the one you have 

Makenzie Hall says:

Omggg pizza on bread yassssss

HurricaneDeclan says:

When you run out of ideas

Sheena Moren says:

Omg pizza on bread yesssss lol

Bianca DeJesus says:

OH MY GOD PIZZA ON BREAD YESSSSSSS! But for reals where was the lasagna. Stoffers Lasagna is one of the best things in the freezer section.

Adrianna Smith says:

OMG! Pizza on Bread YASSSS!!!

Dee Valeria says:

Omg pizza on bread! Yaaaas

Taylor Johnson says:

Timmy I think you should do comparison video like the Wendy’s vs McDonald’s vs Burger King big double burgers.

Sara Marie says:

Ohh my gawd! Pizza on bread yasss

wendy kys says:

“I gained weight back…”

Sante terrible says:

You eat like a child. Hold your fork the right way and close your nasty ass mouth when you eat, you literal garbage.

Kenzie Hicks says:

OMG pizza on bread yassss!

Erika Bichet says:

Oh my godddddd, pizza on breadddd, yassss

Chelsea Domingo says:

you should colab with joey graffa

China Dolled says:

oh mah gawwd; pizza on breaaad

Steph Anie says:

OMGGGG pizza on bread…yasssssssssssssssss

Ashlee Nelson says: on bread YAAASSS

abbi grimes says:

The calories are less important than the fat and salt content

Ashlynn Mathews says:

Omg!!! Pizza on bread!! Yessss!

Sahara Daley says:

What happened to Alejandro???

Butterflybabe Babe says:

Oh my God Pizza on bread yes

kelly smith says:

Omg pizza on bread, yes!

Lizzie Le says:

Omg timmy yaaaass slay zaddy 😀 you should try kid cuisine >:3


Are my eyes fucking shitting me rn?! I’ve been waiting for this moment all my an life omg

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