TRYING TGI FRIDAYS FROZEN APPETIZERS! – Chicken Wings, Mozzarella Sticks, & MORE Taste Test!

TRYING TGI FRIDAYS FROZEN APPETIZERS! – Chicken Wings, Mozzarella Sticks, & MORE Taste Test!
y’all i tried literally all of the TGI fridays frozen appetizers i could find at the store LOL it was a challenge, but it was so fun! let me know if you guys liked this taste test video! and tell me what other foods you want me to try! eating this much tgi fridays food is actually tiring lol i tried the buffalo chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, potatoes and a bunch of other ones! what’s your favorite frozen TGI fridays food? i wanna do more restaurant reviews also! thank you guys for watching my review!


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Tatyana Yasko says:

Ummm… Queso doesn’t need chips. Queso is independent.

David Pugh says:

I feel like you kidnap neighborhood children

Maya Molly says:

stupid head its 600

Mira Bqaei says:

Queso doesn’t need chips..Queso is independent omg I love Timmy he is funny,talented and I am addicted to watching his videosss

Robyn Marr says:

“Not judging you or anything but…your disgusting!”

Rebekah C says:

Are you serious about putting down homeschoolers? I was homeschooled and my daughter was a homeschooled. I recently put her in school now she is in the gifted and talented class. The homework and class work is to easy for her. I just don’t want people going away from this video thinking all homeschoolers are dumb.

Isaiah Cardona says:

Fucking fat ass get off of YouTube

Jenny M says:

I haven’t seen Timmy in awhile, but I appreciate the tasting videos so I’ve been marathoning them

*Doingitmyway* says:

Pineapple on marinara sauce, who does that? Did someone forget to tell you marinara sauce is made with tomatoes, and tomatoes are a fruit? LOL… You slay me.

Isaiah Cardona says:

You suck dick

ItsDessy says:

Applebee’s has the best mozzarella sticks

dhuitsmariana says:

Queso doesn’t need chips, queso is independent

Karl And Daniela journey says:

Queso doesn’t need chips…. its independence

Isaiah Cardona says:

White bitch also gay

MissusKae says:

This is my wet dream I love appetizers

Maria Canty says:

, i love you timmy ❤️❤️

1mARi0t says:

Timmy is my spirit animal. <3

Val Marta says:

queso doesn’t need chips… Queso is independent

Zoey Thompson says:

The queso doesn’t need chips the queso is independent

TheBitGamer says:

8:52 scoop them moobs


the sauce on the cream cheese poppers depends on your area in hemet CA we got sweet and sour sauce

Isaiah Cardona says:

Gay bitch

Hailey Hunter says:

“Im lookin at you poppers”

Dolly Lamont says:


Jadan Harris says:

Queso does not need chips…..queso is independent

Isaiah Cardona says:

Your fucking disgusting probably think about sucking dick every night

Hachi__Pachi says:

one day…one day those 1.5 mil subs will show up

yana mitrev says:

i am so hungry now

Pickle Rick says:

Pineapple is my favorite topping on pizza lol

Izabel Trejo says:

bye the why im not gross you are i bet you don’t like the food.

Robert Perry says:

Omg I love potato skins

Jaleah Coleman says:


Maya Molly says:

also a tomato is a fruit

Itsyagirl Morgie says:

am i the only one that thought the mozzarella sticks were sitting in like ranch or something ? just me . ok

Brittany Tello says:

Queso doesn’t NEED chips…Queso is INDEPENDENT

Valerie says:

Lmao i think the same thing when i hear angus beef

Isaiah Cardona says:

Ugly gay bitch

Rachel Ware says:

I love ur videos

Adrienne Crosley says:

Qeuso doesn’t need chips… Qeuso is independent

Usual Weirdo says:

So many commercials for a 15 min video. Guuuuurl. This video reminded me to take out ground beef for dinner though! lol

Heather Danielle says:

I love you can we be best friends if im having a bad day i can always count on you to make me laugh i love how real you are dont ever change you’re the best!!!!!!

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