Video Review of Kidfresh Frozen Foods: Freezerburns (Ep397) Frozen foods are convenient — no question. But are they healthy enough to feed to your kids? And if they are healthy enough to feed to your kids, will they like them? This episode of Freezerburns is different because for the first time, all three of my kids have taken my place as frozen food reviewers and put these four meals to the test: Kidfresh Muy Cheesy Quesadillas, Kidfresh Spaghetti Loops Bolognese, Kidfresh Totally Twisted Pasta + Meatballs, Kidfresh Wagon Wheels Mac + Cheese. Are they good? The Little Frozen Food Masters will tell you.


arrozconzapatos says:

Just precious!

KevinisTurtle says:

how old are your kids?

CrimsonEclipse says:

man that little girl is so picky because she hated everything. the older boy loves everything and the youngest boy is less bias I guess, to bad he didn’t eat two of the boxes with meat in it. He probably too young to have it.

Ashley Elyse says:

you have the CUTEST kids ever..omg lol

declan davis says:

kid always says it looks yummy im gonna eat it

Akeche says:

You can see Greg’s little facial/eye quirks going on as they’re thinking, hah.

Omar A says:

Kid in green shirt looks like spaghetti so now I’m gonna eat haha dude ur kids r adorable

Joseph Ricciardelli says:

Damn dude, judging from the age of your kids you’re older than I thought you were. I thought that kitchen was a little too nice for somebody in their late 20s. Your kids are awesome, make sure they know that.

Bailey Moon says:

I’ve tried them, they are pretty good actually! Some of you guys should try them!

Addison Remedies says:

Ive notice kids always say tasteses

destinationskyline07 says:

Looks like his daughter is going to inherit the title of the new frozen food master.

Near N says:

your girl will make a great food critic one day, the boys will be known as mr yummy foods and the silent critic, awsome

millgiass says:

The daughter actually did observations about the flavor and look giving it a real critique. The boy with the green soccer shirt must be non finicky and will eat anything you give him. I was like that to a degree.

AMG says:

This was soo cute! Adorable family dude

henshincookies says:

So Cute hahahaha

Princess Strickland says:

happy birthday Greg

Mycommentsgethumbsup says:


Sabiancym says:

Haha you’re daughter’s a tough judge. Christmas shopping must be a pain.

magicalblithe says:

Awww… So cute 😀 …

TheBt1080 says:

Lol ur daughter is picky xD

hkfan1980 says:

awww little nom noms 😀 you’re daughter is like little you XD

Adam Stewart says:

That daughter is freaking smart and adorable. 😀

stink pill says:

Little guy looks just like you!

AssassinForHyre says:

Your daughter will be the next frozen food master 😀

jenna thesingingdraghagdiva says:

@StreetFighterCasuals yeah but these dinners were packed full of veddies and rhe ramen and stuff isn’t. I see your point but, anything that is more healthy for you is more expensive.

Unreal Tality says:

they’re all cute lol

sal says:

Your kids are little frozen food apprentices xD

So Sassy says:

Holy crap, your youngest one looks just like you. So adorable. All of your babies are absolutely precious.

Super Malio says:

Bruh noodles don’t have flavor…..

crowing says:

Thank goodness for that! 😉

Kidding, kidding! I’m not rascist, I just thought the comment was worded funny. However, you do have a beautiful family.

Julia Luong says:

@5thkie1 Haha, not the only teen who enjoys these.

PleadThaFizif says:

Your lil childrens are PRECIOUS!

Lin Sun says:

show your wife!!

Marie Maria says:

So, so cute!  The little ones face after he took a bite spoke VOLUMES!  It made me laugh.  Your children are beautiful, Greg.  =)

vichetisicky says:

Haha at the kid in the green shirt.A kid that isn’t pickywith food is a good kid.

Brielle Vann says:

Those kids are stinkin adorable!

MrSuperubernoober says:

Show your wife

jenna thesingingdraghagdiva says:

@JennasMusic76 i’m sorry that word is

Lisa Cheung says:

your kids are adorable!! Especially your youngest son, too cute for words!!

reb1138 says:

You need to lock up your daughter when she turns 16… she’s gonna be one helluva bombs someday. Just sayin’

Alisa C says:

your kids are too cute!

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