What Japanese Frozen Meals Are Like

Japan is well known for its food, from sushi to ramen, but what about everyday frozen meals that a tired parent might make after a long day of work? Well, watch the video and find out what kind of frozen food Japan has in its freezers.

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Master Chief 00117 says:

I had cat last night…It was not moving around on my food again. Umm.. Cat.

이종환 says:

와…. 어지간한거 다즉석으로 나오네 ㅎㄷㄷ

Luke Hellwalker says:

The pure quality is amazing!

Rebecca Wilson says:

*the cat was so funny*

Michelle Xie says:

I’m hungry now thanks

wan farok says:

Jamie Oliver dislike this video

Dana Patricia Mary says:

Japan uses such an incredible amount of plastic! Everything is wrapped in plastic or made of plastic. It is so environmentally unfriendly! I don´t like it. It is unhealthy as well. How does Japan get rid of all the plastic? Do they recycle at least a part of it? If they do, what do they do with the rest that is not possible to recycle? Do they put it on ships and throw it in the ocean? Or do they burn it? Or make landfills?

IM QUEEN says:

I have the same spatula and so does my friend lol

Dennis Engelen says:

Lol at machines in grocery store so they don’t have to touch the money..
Was that a self scan cash deck or was there someone behind it?

There’s a thing like too much hygiene, it makes people weak if their immune system isn’t used to fighting bacteria.

R B says:

“What’s my favorite frozen food?” None of the above. It’s better cooking yourself!!!

Rebecca Wilson says:

*I’m going to japan*

Karina Kuuse says:

Love the mini ice cream

T R says:

So nothing healthy???

Roseanne says:

I wish Irelands frozen meals were as healthy.. I’d love single servings.. I hate buying treats in bulk..

Grace Noelle says:

I thought you said hamburger when you said hambagu

Nelson Cabrera says:

I’ve been eating Häagen-Dazs wrong all my life!

Why don't You ask says:

6:29 on the right

Maddie Gosh says:

The cat left the food

I love JENLISA says:

I can live there forever

Gabs P says:

How do they make rice barley thing? 😮

Pardon me are you Aaron burr sir says:

Soooo much plastic omg. I wish they would use more paper for these things.

jake justice says:

The cat was on the table, the cat was one of the meals!!!

Gyous says:

Try Ajinomoto foods at Costco, Walmart & Trader Joe’s. No preservatives. I know because I work there! My family enjoy it!

CatLady Meow says:

I’m just here for the Cat hehehe I love Cats

alex carter says:

Flavor secret: Ajinomoto

canitbechristine says:

Fun watching the different foods you have. Also love your kitties.

ForestofTooMuchFood says:

That’s tiny single serve ice cream

JerseyFireDragon20 says:

all this looks good
the only decent frozen food I’ve ever has is from trader joes

Leen Jordan says:

I noticed than Japanese rely on microwave a lot and heat plastic stuff
Maybe this is their only unhealthy habit?

Tashnim Ahamed says:

What does you do actually ??

R Khan says:

Nothing can taste better than a freshly prepared meal with fresh veggies and nothing frozen

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