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sj burgess says:

I love the Mac n cheese, the fettuccine Alfredo, the mandarin orange chicken, chicken fried rice, the super sweet cut corn, sweet potato gnocchi, the chocolate lava cake, all the frozen crepes!

I’ve only run into one thing that was totally gross—the chicken enchiladas. Straight in the trash!

AVOCADOZ Gaming says:

*BRAVO* :3 (great job)

Jackie Bender says:

I Love the mini beef and chicken taco in the frozen area. Also the fruit bars

Mariam Ayub says:

Great video! I’m trying to find some more information about frozen dinners for one because I’m visually impaired and I’m kind of stuck in a routine cuz I don’t know what else is there LOL I really like the spinach lasagna and the shells with brie and asparagus. I also love to get the Cod Dinner is hard to find fish frozen dinners like that with grilled fish rather than fried. I love the chicken tikka masala and I’m not a spicy fan so it’s perfect for me! Thanks for your ideas! I didn’t know about the low fat mac and cheese

Ali Kluver says:

Hi Jennifer, we have 2 Trader Joe’s in Nebraska. Love! The closest is 90 minutes away, but we try to go when we can. Haven’t tried any of your Top 5, but plan too. Thank you for the ideas!

JAI Banks says:

The soft shell shrimp tacos are THE BOMB! check it out.

Scrunchymommabear says:

We love the garlic naan and I get the regular chicken drumlets nuggets for my kids every time I’m there… but i have one of the guilt free mac and cheese in my freezer now also 🙂

ShaynaBrielle says:

What temperature in your AF did you do for your mandarin chicken and for how many minutes too please?

Austin Clark says:

I like tp buy at Trader Joes I live in st louis I buy thr frozen Jasmine rice it is real good you get 4 in pkg it also help upset stomach need to try it

Sha721 says:

My husband loves the regular mac & cheese from Trader Joe’s.

Cindi Hansen says:

Black bean and cheese taquitos!

Karenna Gridley says:

Is your husband celiac or does he just have a sensitivity? I have sensitivity. I was just wondering because I know like at restaurants you can’t have most things because they have trace amounts. Also at Kroger, I think they are callled Ralph’s there they have a gluten free pizza that’s under 3 dollars in cheese or pepperoni that’s pretty good.

Kathleen Ross says:

So many different kinds of Mac & Cheese.  Everything looks delicious.  Absolutely love Trader Joe’s, but just go once a year for a treat since I cannot afford it.  I get a gift card every year so far to Trader Joe’s and I so much enjoy using it.  I bet that cauliflower pizza is really delish.

Samantha M says:

My favorite definitely has to be the Mandarin Orange Chicken. My husband as I actually had it for lunch today! We can’t leave without picking up at least one (usually two) bags.

Farah Vogue says:

Plz plz do not feed your kids frozen food in “””plastic “”” trays it causes cancer

justlikearne says:

seems like I’m the only one who hates the Orange chicken…others are all fine.

Sheri Harris says:

Kung Pao chicken, spicy and has peanuts but it’s really good.

Jude P says:

The Kung Pao chicken is the best Frozen food that I’ve ate at Trader Joe’s.

raymond Chin says:

I’m a TJ fan. I especially like the Indian selection.

Jessica Newman says:

Pretty sure Trader Joe’s is owned by the Aldi Nord company out of Germany.

Phyllis Ecoff says:

Trader Joe’s is part of a German company and is run by one brother and Aldi is run by another. Many of the products from both stores are imported from Europe. Their chocolate is hands down the best from Austria and Belgium. The company is the largest grocery company in Europe. Those of us who have both Aldi and Trader Joe’s are truly fortunate.

n f says:

I Like Trader Joe’s Chicken Breast Medallions with Coconut Red Curry Sauce – Delicious!!! (Refrigerated section)

Judy Johnson says:

You just like my aunt is she always doctor up her pizzas and jalapenos and all that stuff and that’s super super nasty but I don’t see how she eat all those jalapenos and all those onions and bell peppers and cheese

Kenny Elliott says:

Man, I wish they had a trader Joe’s here in Hawaii. Your trader Joe videos make everything look so good. Good information though.

Vivian Anton says:

Trader Joe’s is SO MUCH better then Whole Foods!!! The only thing I like at Whole Foods is the store made breads!

Paradise says:

Mac and cheese is easy to make fresh at home. Put real cheese, veggies, milk or cream, butter, garlic, spices, and I put leftover ham from one I roasted in it. Use what you have in the house. Make a lot of it in a big pot. TJs seems affordable but what they are doing is selling a lot of snacks that are cool. They’re still a good store, but it’s not being used to buy all the food groups. If something is too tedious to make, I buy.

Chelsea says:

My favs at trader Joe’s are the frozen tikka masala meal as well as the frozen whole grain frozen waffle. It tastes way better and less processed than eggo waffle

Posh Kitty says:

Love the orange chicken, the spices, unsweetened green tea in the bottle, the black pepper asiago cheese sour dough bread to name a few.

Anne Raymond says:

Love their frozen mashed potatoes & their frozen sweet corn. Having fun trying other frozen items – thanks for the suggestions.

Danielle Lewis says:

I absolutely love Trader Joe’s and need to get there more often! I always pick up tater tots there. It’s so hard to pick a favorite frozen item because they are all so good.

صبا فرمان فرما S.F says:

No frozen food at all

Irina Lak says:

I have a quick question why do your husband lile the gluten free version of mac and cheese? Is it related to gluten intolerance? Or he just like it?

UnitedPebbles says:

TJ is tarded. Omg, some ppl can’t do fresh mac and cheese? I was expecting Philly Cheese steak or Red Lobster butter shrimp mat ball or something like that. $2.99 for mac n cheese!?

Alia Khatri says:

Are the meats halal by cut…

Lacey Swafford says:

I wish we had a Trader Joe’s around here in Texas. Those meals look wonderful. Would love to see a video on air fryer tips or recipes!

KimlvsArty says:

Oh I’m going to try that pizza that sounds really good. I bet you it has less carbs for a diabetic too

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