What’s The Best Frozen Pizza?

Frozen Pizza Party Tour 2k15!

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Frozen Pizza Companies Everywhere

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Open pizza box
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Felix Bonagua says:

Waw 2k15 to 2k18

Cory Afonso says:

I love mike

mario napolitano says:

I am a thoughtful guy confirmed

Laura says:

Red Barron 100%

Apollo123 says:

Red Baron my guy

jzizzles says:

Ever since I found out DiGiorno paid for this ad, I stop buying DiGiorno. Also since Nestle which steals water from Locals bought DiGiorno. #boycottdigiorno #boycottnestle

Ken Kaneki says:

What’s a perfect bite?

biggmoneymobb says:

No home run inn shame on y’all guess its,just a Chicago thing

Caitlin Dranks says:

but you never answered what was the best one. dumbasses.

Jeron White says:

Tombstone taste wayyyy better than red barron

Will090681 says:

Costco has the best frozen pizza

Connor McCarthy says:

Digiorno sponsored

Twatwaffle And dicktwitch says:

damn Red Baron is my favv

Morgan Kuhlman says:

These two are my fav, it’s really sad that one quit

luisloya01 says:

Adam Lavine is the same guy

Shima Haydarzadeh says:

I think store brand pizza better or homemade pizza

Kris A. says:

the original Great Taste

Lil Guelcher says:

Home run in obviously

Keldo The fox says:

Do an update in this year 2018

Miguel Pérez says:

Shoulda tried totinos or screaming Sicilian

jpkjpk11 says:

soy boys

michael burt says:

You can’t beat Lunchables

Zac M says:

Typical job interview at Buzzfeed HQ:
Buzzfeed interviewer: are you a tool?
Prospective Employee: Yes.
Buzzfeed Interviewer: welcome to Buzzfeed.

DL86 says:

The only reason I come to buzzfeed. The food.

McKenzie P says:

I love Red Baron and Jack’s. Yesss.

Danny Boi says:

7:20 Go eagles in the back

R.O.B Nin says:

it’s not delivery, it’s disgusting.

Micah Sharp says:

“not for lunch. for activity.” AHHAHAHA

Adrian Maxwell says:

I feel like I’m one of the few people that doesn’t like Digornio (sp). The crust is always too thick and dry, there’s so much sauce on it, and the cheese usually doesn’t stay on. Red Baron is my favorite frozen; cheap, well balanced, tastes amazing.

Dj Lovelace says:

Digiorno is the best frozen hands down

SuperPussyFinger says:

These are the whitest guys ever.

Zion Watson says:


chilepizza16 says:

Shame they undercooked the Freschetta pizza. They make a great square 4 cheese

AllieYourAlly says:

what’s cute about this is that now Becky and Keith aren’t just dating, they’re married! <3

Yak-Attack says:

Wow I was waiting for the freschetta rating and they didn’t rate it cause Keith didn’t cook it right

Julfa Iman says:

actually i like this much better than the worth it show.

sixyears says:

Woah! This is like Proto Worth it, the Worth it before Worth it. Also Keith and Becky are now married.

Sarah Carroll says:

One time my friend emailed Mike’s pizza saying that we loved the design of the box, and they mailed him some free stickers.

Great company, great pizza.

Mike’s wins.

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