3 Brothers Pizza Cafe, NY- Review/Rant

The owner of 3 brothers pizza cafe, Andy Astafa, is seriously the rudest, most unprofessional owner I’ve ever met! I’ve never seen someone be so rude to their customers and employees. Buy your pizza somewhere else, he does not deserve your business!


Zachary Carr says:

Don’t order from them online you’ll never get your pizzas personally I waited over a month before filing a PayPal complaint and have talked to many people that have had the same problem.

roza petrosyan says:

I really appreciate your video. helps us be aware what’s going on without wasting money and time. do you think if the place was entirely under new management team it would feel different?

orangeserendipity says:

Yes, this absolutely sounds like you were in a Seinfeld episode-“No pizza for you!”;)  Sorry to hear you were treated so badly. 

Distinctive Soul says:

Andy & his family always treat me well, I love visiting 3bros in Farmingdale or the newer Copiague location.

Liz Lee says:

Glad you did this video. That owner is the worst!!! Never going back again!

FruityFoodie says:

Have you filed a complaint with the better business bureau? This guy is a piece of work!

Lizzy Clark says:

So glad you did this review and spoke out against this horrible place! The owner is scum and I’ve heard quite a few stories as well! I’ve also had bad experiences ordering from this place. I’ve never dealt with a ruder owner before.

Kitty Loves Kale says:

I am sure if you live in New York there are have way better options than to patron this butt hole. I hate how they nickel and dime vegans for everything, hello we aren’t eating DA (code for dead animals), I feel like it should be cheaper. Your husband is very cool btw. 

R TTT says:

I have been there a few times and I definitely get that vibe from him, I wouldn’t be surprised if maybe he doesn’t like the Vegan customers and the Vegan side of the restaurant and is only doing it is a favor for his son


I feel sorry for the people who work there 

Team Broccoli says:

Wow what a Jerk-a-Rama. ..yea I wouldn’t trust that the food is sanitary anyway if that’s his attitude about things. Good riddance.

Bug says:

very honest

Mariah says:

I don’t understand why someone who doesn’t want to bother with customers decides to open a restraunt…and that feather thing was strange. They should have gave you a refund or replaced the crab cakes at least.

The Veggie Nut says:

Update- I’ve been contacted by a few different people since making this video and heard a whole lot more is going on at this shady place. The owner also cross contaminates and tampers with the vegan food, mixing it with non-vegan food. He treats his employees like dirt, which we already knew, but also has sexually harassed quite a few of the female employees. Not a good place to support!

HighCarbSkatePunk says:

Wow! I wouldn’t expect them to be like that. For the two times I’ve been there, I had a great experience.

The Vegan Peach says:

Wow, that’s insanity!! You should write reviews everywhere. I am glad you made a video. Write a review on Yelp and Happy Cow. Oh and if they have a Facebook open for reviews, put one up there. Get it out so others are aware and don’t give them business.

Habitat for Happiness says:

Wow that sounds so horrible! This place sounds like a nightmare!

_dolcevegan_ says:

I can’t believe this guy is still in business. I agree with Ashley, spread the word!

The Veggie Nut says:

3 Brothers Pizza Cafe, NY- Beware of the rude owner! 

Trek the World TV says:

Law of attraction.

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