A Very Dead Peter Piper Pizza | Retail Archaeology 2

We almost had the place to ourselves! This location also has been updated to the most recent Peter Piper Pizza branding.

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Squishy says:

I remember going to Peter piper pizza when I was a kid we lived in Glendale AZ. This breaks my heart I have very fond memories with my mom and stepdad taking me. there was a time when I was saving up for this giant stuffed bulldog I earn all of the tickets the next time we went in I was ready but they had raised the price of the prize and it broke my heart my stepdad told me not to worry he would fix it he spoke to the manager in his office and out came my stepdad with this giant bulldog a bunch of tokens and free pizzas for our next visit he was my hero

Peter Nadreau says:

The PPP is always busy here in Vegas. Never been in there. Probably never will. I’d rather try Cici’s.

Chris Strader says:

Sad to see a place like this so dead

Franklin Sharp says:

Havens been there since the 90s and my kids were young. Definitely NOT THE SAME, back than “the one we went to” had a small but surprising fun roller coaster one price and ride all you like (parents rode free) and a marry go round.
The pizza sucked but the fact they had beer was a plus being around all the kids.

MSTie Fan says:

If this place had the TMNT arcade game, I’d spend hours there and probably a lot of money just to beat it.

CECArizona says:

It’s a weekday, not a lot of people. These places are very busy on the weekends though. If you want to see empty, visit the Chuck E. Cheese’s in Mesa & Phoenix. Both are declining in sales majorly and are expected to close in under a year. Chuck E. Cheese has been struggling in the Arizona market for a little over two decades, we’ve had five locations close in under 10 years.

walrusonion says:

I work at the Fry’s next door!

Ty Du says:

FACT: PPP Is owned by Chuck E Cheese

Eileen J says:

Dude, you should look into the Decline of KFC in the last 10years. 1 KFC closed recently on 28th st and Indian School

Dr Demento says:

I have a bit of happy news: https://www.retaildive.com/news/claires-looks-to-exit-chapter-11-in-october/532628/
Looks like they may survive after all.

Jim Nicewander says:

Looks like the one in Northwest Tucson before they gave up and moved across the street to a smaller location. A MOD pizza restaurant took over part of the vacated space. It is a much better pizza!

Katelyn 7047 says:

Both Peter Piper Pizza and Chuck E. Cheese’s are owned and operated by CEC Inc. I believe that CEC Inc. bought them out back in 2014 but I’m not 100% sure on this.

Aaron says:

Very dead just in time for Halloween spooky, scary, and a scream

Chris F says:

I was just at PPP down in New Braunfels yesterday with my niece. I went just for her. It was just us and one more table. How sad.

MrRideutah says:

Never heard of it

Suicidal Joycon says:

Is this only in Arizona?

Adult hardcore videos says:

They have pretty good pizza

Dr Demento says:

It sounds like there’s quite a few kids in there – yet it’s a ghost town. ???

BlueThundah75 says:

Is it just me or did the games section seem really small?

sirdan357 says:

The game section is tiny. When I was a kid it seemed like the place was half games, not 10%. It just looks like a cafeteria now.

fab4fan5 says:

The only time I find PPP busy is during the lunch hour and weekends cause of birthday parties there

ry Nirvana says:

This reminds me of a mini chuck e cheeses

Kelly says:

I wish we had one near me! This place looks cool!

Lurker1979 says:

Did the young lady still enjoy herself? Even tho it was mostly empty?

Kelly Vernon says:

Where was this one?

starskie96yt says:

sounds busy to me

jesusesquivelgarcia says:

I have to say it looks very clean and nice looking place.

the store dude says:

Is peter piper struggling

acertainshape says:

Do you ever leave your local area to cover anything?

Jason Longoria says:

Definitely stopped in at an off hour. Lunch buffet and birthday parties are this places bread and butter. I avoid it Friday-Sunday at all cost! Love Peter Piper but wish Pistol Pete’s was still around!

JRBTheBot says:

The store looks nice in the video (aside from that older fire alarm at 1:07), but the look of that pizza gave me a bad feeling.

dirtpants says:

I remember liking how crunchy the pizza was. The one in my home town closed years ago, but I had a birthday party there, which at the time was awesome. Later they turned the space into a Gym, which ironically I also went to.

So bizarre I was working out trying to stay healthy and fit in the same spot where I once stuffed my 6 year old face full of pizza.

Isis Salas says:

I remember going to a birthday party at PPP and it was packed!

Mrflash222006 says:

Poor food, min wage staff with a high turn over will kill a business

Crystal Green says:

This video seems so different with no talking.

Enrique Cortez says:

Surprisingly empty. One of the reasons I avoid PPP is all the kids. I’ll state the obvious that I’m not a kid person. As a pizza restaurant I find the pizza to be lousy. I think the base is where it’s weak. The variety of arcade games suck.

Yggdrasil says:

I had fun there even in high school.

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