Banquet Sausage & Gravy Deep Dish REVIEW (Eating The Dollar Stores) 💵💲

Another episode of Eating The Dollar Stores. Trying the Banquet Sausage & Gravy Deep Dish pot pie.

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Crush Hardtack says:

I get those banquet dinners at Sav A Lot for .89 cents, and I think they’re pretty good. My favorite are Marie Callender’s Chicken pot pies. A little pricey, but excellent!

Elizabeth Rickard says:

I get these all the time. I live in sausage gravy country so it’s got to be good for me to keep buying lol. Been curious about their fruit pies but have yet to try out… Maybe you could so I won’t have to 😉 Me, I like all the standard pies. Turkey, chicken, beef. Brand wise Marie Claire is quite good but my fave frozen ones are the Pepperidge Farms ones. Oh, and KFC’s Chicken Pot Pie is sooooo good 🙂

Darcy Lyons says:

Went to Trader Joe’s and got those Peanut Butter Cups that you liked so much. OMG so yummy the Reese Butter Cups are my favorite candy bar and I like these better maybe because I love dark chocolate.

MO Silver says:


JJop123 says:

Guess we’ll never get an answer for the hasbrown olympics :/

Mel Mag says:

Tony, Glad to hear that you like this item. I buy all the time from the Dollar Tree. I cook mine in the Microwave on a plate for 2-1/2 minutes then remove and stir up the center of the pie and then reinsert in the microwave for an additional 2-1/2 minutes. Turns out great every time. I eat it right out of the container it came in. Have it at least twice a week!

Michelle Smith says:

I like the turkey ones.

Cyko says:

My favorite pot pie is any kind that has crust on the top, sides, and bottom. Too many places these days are just putting crust on the top and calling it a pot pie when it isn’t in my opinion. It’s so good, especially if you get that bottom crust nice and brown or semi-burnt… It’s like a treat after eating the rest of it. 😀

Boomer & Ben Show! says:

I eat those every single morning before School!

Boomer & Ben Show! says:

I don’t get mine from the Dollar Store… I get mine at Save Alot… they are 89 cents there.

Betty Murphy-Grumpus says:

I love gravy

Charles Winthrop says:

Good lord, the sodium! While we’re on the subject, how about reviewing Stouffer’s Salisbury Steak? They’re the only one I’ve found that uses real beef! No chicken/pork fillers!

amber mcgarvey says:

I had this a while  ago I really like it

Dakota Collins says:

I love the chicken pot pies from Stouffer’s and Marie Callender’s

Eric Perich says:

Will be trying this! BEST EVER! Great Review! Thanks for the Video and have an Awesome Sunday Tony!

OffKilter Leather says:

Those pies are really good, and you’re right, they go great with scrambled eggs. Personal favorites on the pot pie front are turkey and beef, especially the big ones that Marie Calendars makes.

METALMAN4Wii says:

I only get my Aluminum Foil Sheets from Dollar Tree and sometimes a pack of Panasonic Plus batteries. ( almost as good as Rayovac )

Michael33R says:

If I can find this where I live, it’ll probably be my favorite since I love biscuits and gravy so much. Until then I’ll have to say that Marie Calendars Chicken Pot Pie is my favorite.

ZimmerSquash says:

Never had a pot pie. Sounds delicious to have a sunny side up mixed with it though!

skol Vikings says:

love me some potpies

Jackson's 45's says:

Sounds great Tony! Also, song of the day: “Heartline” by Robin George (1985)

daisuke shogo says:

Great review I saw those and thought well banquet makes some pretty mediocre stuff so I kind of passed I might give it whirl.

Tom Stovall says:

Not a big fan of pot pies. Thanks for another great review Tony!

ClawD00d - Arcade Games says:

These pot pies are pretty good, I eat them for breakfast quite often. Id try the ham and potatoes one, that ones pretty good aswell!

Negan says:

Loved this. Dollar tree reviews are my favorite!!! Would you ever consider reviewing lean cuisines?? They have so many kinds now. Haven’t found a good tasting one yet.

Also, maybe a frozen chicken nugget video where you decide who makes the best nugs? Xo


1st to the sausage party

task force says:

looks like a baldwin brother lol

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