Best Fast Food Secret Menu Items

From Shake Shack’s peanut butter bacon burger to Subway’s pizza sub, these six restaurants serve the best fast food items on their secret menus.

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Joe Avella:


Benaiah Uchiha-Senju says:

That peanut butter burger sounds, but there’s really no reason why bacon should be put on a burger at all…

Wardell Stephen Curry II says:

My mom called she said do I want anything from McDonalds I said a “McGangBang” She came home in one second and slapped the hell outta me.

Rhinopocalypes says:

First one is actually called the Goober Burger

Benjamin says:

Mac n Cheese at Chick fil a would be a game changer

Wesley Hopper says:

The subway one is so obvious you can get whatever you want on the bread lol

Warped says:

Your mom loves a mcgangbang.

Mohammed Haroon says:

Animal style isn’t secret menu tho

Danielmeir says:

Diabetes for one please.

andrepøiy111999 says:

that super big Mac is scary

thegreatcalvinio says:

Burger King foot lettuce

spector3881 says:


ludwig van buren says:


waiting 90 days to change my name says:

I asked the McDonalds girl for a McGangBang.

I was slapped

Takisha Edwards says:

McGangBang is not a good name at all

Athletic Poem69 says:

Skin on my knob

Andy M says:

No secret menu just shit staff make on their break because they’re bored.

Flamer 12345 says:


Mike Arredondo says:

Don’t forget the McGangbang

Ariel Pacheco says:

Lol grandma why you dead just respawn

Zion says:

Double BigMac

yes it’s a thing

Blueberry says:

XD. The pizza sub is actually real in Australia.

Sylvain Licorne says:

Come on… Is this “food” to you guys? Damn, this is very sad.

Sahil the G says:

Dose anyone feel hungry yet

William Schmitt says:

The McGuffin!

Asmo Nymous says:

Business Insider = Buzzfeed?

Gregory Pappas says:

I’ll pass on that grass…

franky says:


ninja of fire says:

This whole time I thought a MCgangbang was what people had in prison.

Welkon says:

I’d feel uncomfortable saying “Hey do you guys serve the McGangBang?”

Dreezy says:


shikkakyuu says:

well theyre not a secret now, are they?

Lol Lol says:

The pizza sub is on the menu in Canada… It’s not a secret menu item at all.

Aarav Shah says:


RatchetSprite says:

Why does chipotle charge extra for something so stupid? You don’t see subway charging extra to “toast”? So dumb. Good thing we have Baja Fresh.

Emiliano Toledo says:

The McHeartAttack

Victoria MandalaMS says:


Ethan Lee says:

In-n-Out fans, where are you?

Goat says:

this Asian dude eating all these items living life

Dylan Wedel says:

Best secret items to give you a heart attack at age 30

Heroboom562 says:

If i can just take the burger out of the screen

duduoshunn says:

When you got tired of eating same shit at work on your break, you got creative and made shit unrelated to the menu and called it a secret. Lol

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