Chuck E. Cheese Conspiracy Reviewed (Shane Dawson)

Since Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Theory over two weeks ago on Chuck E Cheese’s Pizza being Recycled; I had to see if they made any changes for MYSELF and is pizza being allegedly recycled at all of their locations? HERE IN CT THIS IS WHAT I GOT………



volcano hi says:

there is parent sized and kid sized slices

rest in piss says:

Lmfao come on chucky,you gonna sit thr and talk shit or you gonna go in and talk to Chucky

LTSRPerkunas says:

That FrankenPizza looks nasty, brah

Missez Funsize says:

I don’t ever remember them doing pizza like that wen I worked there

Seven. says:

almost looks as if he bought 2 pizzas and swapped some slices between the two just to get views…… just saying. use youre brains

james jones says:

Now daym say its some bullshit about food i have to believe it… Ill find out in a min

eman says:

If i was the CEO i would serve uncut pizzas and when they take it to your table the employee cuts it in front of you. Make it a new thing not many other places do. Embrace the negativity and turn it to a positive. The worst thing you can do as a company is cave in and only deny.

Anemone says:

Now that Daym is getting a divorce for cheating on his wife, he better take his kids to Chuck E Cheese before he gets visitation rights revoked for failing to pay child support. YouTube sure isn’t going to cover that lol.

Ryan Bashaw says:

Was tired of seeing you on youtube back in the day and thought you were over rated but I like this video and hope you do more similar to this

Striker says:

I never been to chuck e. Cheese

volcano hi says:

All the peperonis are cut and are matching from slice to slice.


This feels so authentic Daym. Finally he’s back. Looking good. Great content. Glad to see you back like this.

WirestDust 952 says:

Honestly I don’t believe this video at all, I always order their pizza, and it has never looked like that ever

Hera Mackiernan says:

It’s just badly cut.

Evan Chappell says:

Cut them bitches in SQUARES

Sister Discordia says:

they cut it hot THEN slide it into box.

PackxthexpuncH says:

I stopped take the kids a few years back because things didn’t add up and you could tell it’s not fresh. The kids had more fun at the park and pizza from little Cesar’s. The house of the mouse was over $100 with food and games. The park and little Cesar’s like $30.

Vancovermycity says:


Dylan Ezell says:

theyre getting more business than ever before. who tf is buying chuck e cheese like its the regular pizza joint

Mooshi Moo says:

Every single home made pizza I made, misshapen dough and all always had consistent slices. ALWAYS! You can’t fool me that a pizza joint that well known can’t afford a pizza wheel to cut nor make me believe people exist that don’t know how to do a simple cut. That pie looks suspicious AF!

Nathaniel Yourfather says:

I won’t be taking my daughter there any more either

Jose Arteaga says:

It’s a Pizza Puzzle!

Sirlancealot says:

I understand it’s Chuck E Cheese and not a pizza restaurant but that is just completely unacceptable. Down right dirty.

Don Gato says:

Dude, give it up. They don’t re-cycle pizza lol Local ethnic buffets do though 😉

Gabriel Timmis says:

idk fam ! make an uncut video of you ordering the pizza and opening in the restaurant as they hand it to you.

mefool56 TM says:

So many hair colors

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