Chuck E Cheese Responds To Shane Dawson’s Theory About Leftover Pizza

Chuck E Cheese Responds To Shane Dawson’s Theory About Leftover Pizza
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In Shane Dawson’s latest conspiracy theory video, Shane made the claim and essentially proved that Chuck E Cheese serves its customers old pizza. They have essentially taken pizza from other customer’s unfinished pizza and recooked it and placed on a new plate.
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Dolly Customs says:

Well, not so long, but it feels like it

Jessica, Jessica says:

I never held a birthday party at chucke cheese because I was to scared……….. so yeah

ganggang yangyang says:

i used to work there but quit because i just hated working there LOL but the pizza cutting is true. my position was the serve the pizza to the customers and the place where i stand in the kitchen is a very open space, which means you can see the workers making the pizza. the kitchen workers cut it right in front of me and because they have to be quick, they slice it really fast which makes these odd ass shapes lol

A Furry Person says:

Yes I have

Grace Oui Oui says:

I’m a Aussie so we don’t have chuck e cheese so like no

AARA 133 says:

Shane is a loser

InformOverload says:

Want to go on an iO binge? If so, check out this video about how to golden age of YouTube has turned very dark >>

Gacha Action says:

I asked my teacher who used to work there and she said they get it from a warehouse…

Zemozi Keeton says:


Shy Moosie says:

Welp now I’m hungry…

Turtled Ink says:

I don’t see why people would even get this bothered over left over pizza

Hannah Cat says:

But there pizza is sooooo gooooddfd

Julian Brierty says:

I have held one birthday party there

Lee Lee says:

my brother use to work at pizza restaurant and they cut the pizza the same way ive been taken and made my own myself and its fine all are shaped to fit chuck e cheese is a lying piece of shit honestly

jaylynn amazes says:

I had 3 birthday parties there and ate so much pizza thats why i have stomach problems to this day

bish who says:

Fries ,drinks and maybe wings or sauce eww

Mr. Weebfanboy101 says:

Wait why is Charlotte’s pizza just cooked pizza dough and pepperoni slices?

a s t h e t i c s o n g s says:

1:00 1:12

Janette McDonald says:

why am i annoyed that her sweatshirt sleeves are too short?!

Willow Tallentire says:

*Chuck-E-Cheese’s wig has been SNATCHED*

Anthony Morrocu says:

Even if the pizza isn’t a perfect circle, when the slices are put together, there should be no large gaps, and towards the narrow side of the pizza, they should connect.

izziebee bee says:

It’s kinda obvious tho as they put freshly made so much in the restaurant it made so they were probably feeling guilty about this

Sauske says:

of course they’re gunna say it’s not true duh

Carlos Granados says:

Its britneyy betchhh.

METALMAN4Wii says:

I worked in a Little Caesars express the miss sharpen slice from the pizza cutter is bs.

Depression Page says:

I’m glad I’ve never been to chuck e cheese.

A Furry Person says:


Isabelle Brekke says:

U look like a whiter my life as Ava

Lizeht Ambrosio says:

my fourth birthday was at Chucky e Cheese

Dolly Customs says:

I had one a WHILE ago

Mikhail Angel says:

Order whole unsliced pizza

September 89 says:

They do it but not very frequently.

Kittylover Gaming says:

Ew why are you a fan of brittney

tea says:

“No it’s my hat” that was so cute!

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