After watching Shane Dawson’s video about Chuck-E-Cheese Pizza conspiracy I had to try it myself Not only was he right but even some of the employees believe it’s true


Greywind92 says:

this guy is as queer as a $3 bill. Damn boy, the gay is radiating off you. Embrace it!

Rogeena Williams says:

proven! I will never eat there ever again!

private private says:

dude looks hight

Natalia Fleming says:

Look at the thickness of each slice of its the same, That pizza doesn’t look nearly as bad as some of them

Username [Redacted] says:

That dude sitting with you in the black hoodie looks like the evil villain from the Smurfs.

That one guy You don't need to know says:

I’m a manager of a Chuck E Cheese. And we DON’T recycle your pizza! I make sure of that because of these videos.

JustMeMaria says:

I really don’t care if it’s recycled or not if it tastes good I’m finez

Patricia Mesa says:

they would have to make fresh pizza to start. then comes the frankenstien pizza

Smexy Melty says:

almost every youtuber is earning a lot because of shane

Francesco24 says:

Is it just me or does his friend look like rl stine

Podtrash Radio says:

another person trying to live off the hype of a cringe shane dawson video

Ramon Harris says:

really don’t like this guy.

Kent Clark says:

Damn bruh, Your voice is the same pitch as my neighbor’s 15-year-old girl (she is annoying as well) Look up how pizzas come out of ovens you fucking retards. LMFAO What is defamation anyway?

Angel Piper says:

Ur good at clickbait

Coober Tuber says:

“hey guys I’m not gonna be like the other YouTubers when they have long intros” has long intro

mira ocean says:

this dudes hot in a weird way

alexxander says:

LMFAO I wasn’t expecting for the ending to be my favorite part

mila mehmetj says:

Thats the problem….u still eating it

Hayden Porter says:

i onisly dont care if i eat werd pizza

Life As Aoibhinn says:

who craves pizza now from a legit good pizza place

Sinai Ival Caro says:

Chucky didn’t look like that when I was a kid ☹️

Brendan Oshinski says:

Not all pizzas are straight you bigot

E Portillo says:

It’s all in your head they do not reuse pizza.

Ghauri Yasmeen says:

Some one needs to go to the Chuck E. Cheese dumpster to see if they throw away the pizza

Princess Jafar says:

Yo Shane Dawson should cover this in one of his conspiracy videos I think Shane would love this!!

Ashton Sadler says:

Even if this is true I’d still eat it

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