Costco Shopping Tips: 26 Things You SHOULD & SHOULDN’T Buy!

Today’s video is filled with Costco Shopping Tips so you will know the things you should & shouldn’t buy! Do you really know how to save money at Costco? Or did you spend too much money with your last Costco Haul? I’m sharing my personal Costco Tricks, Costco Secrets and even giving you the low-down on Costco Deals so you can always save money! If you want me to do a Money-Saving Costco Video again, like a “Part 2”, comment and let me know ok?


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Andrew D says:

Great video, I’m in Canada so it was cool to see how some of the prices differ between the U.S. and Canada. Chickens here are $7.99 I’m jealous yours are so much cheaper.

grace fugate says:

I’ve read on here that Costcos meats are higher quality and that’s not true. 90% lean beef is 90% lean bear. Our minds play tricks. It’s all in the marketing not in the meats. Lighting in meat dept, packaging a labeling, and location to name a few. When a store runs a good special on a meat they bring in meat for that weeks advertised special so it’s usually fresher.

Jeanetta S says:

I pay more at Costco for the quality. The apples are more expensive but they are so good as well as just about all of their items. We eat ALL of the food that I get from Costco so there is really no wasted items.

Adventures with Anna Marie says:

She looks like savannah from Cole and sav

J0EYbagaDONUTS says:

The veggies that we buy at Costco are by far better quality than the grocery store . The cakes also are pretty good , the Chocolate Mousse Cake is to die for and I think it’s only about 15 bucks , also the muffins are about twice the size of the ones you get in the grocery store and are much cheaper . If you use Coffee creamer you should get it at Costco . Generally its much cheaper than the supermarket even when it’s on sale. There meats might be more expensive and usually not on sale but there quality is very good . Sometimes you cant always look at prices, you have to think about quality as well .

Patrick Arguello says:

Great job with this video!

Nicole Denegri says:

And im not telling you how much I have im scared

k gd says:

agreed, it took me awhile to realize apples are so expensive at Costco….because I rarely go to any other food store.

Hello Blonde Co says:

I just found your channel and have been binge watching your videos! You do such a nice job and are super motivating! Xo I also have a channel, I would love to support eachother!!

ban alani says:

You’re idiot! It’s not all about the price! Just look at the ingredients of “apple juice” Kirkland brand and other brands you will know the difference! Same for fruit and other things! If u care about your family health is not ALL ABOUT MONEY like I will buy any meant from Costco even I know they’re sometimes way more expensive than somewhere else but as well I KNOW THEY’RE WAAAAY BETTER THAH OTHERS most are grass fed not trust fed!

k gd says:

it can be an hour long, just tell them how to put you on 2 playback speed…and how to skip along the timeline. 😎

kaisercc says:

Don’t buy soda, it is cheaper that way.

tomlyger says:

It should be mentioned with the meat costco meat is of often higher quality then most of the other meats found at your average grocer so that needs to be taken into consideration

Nikki Keith says:

Part 2 please

Will Murray says:

Her observations are about the same as mine. So, listen up… she knows what she is talking about.

solaydbak says:

I think the quality of beef Costco has is better than other stores. They typically use grass fed cows from what I was told. Could be wrong. But that’s why you pay a little more.

John Iii says:

Gets a little ridiculous if you’re comparing item by item the more relevant number is your total bill for the same stuff and factor in the time and gas money to run between to get the best price on each item.

Dog Cat says:

Where I live a pack is around $7

Juan Garcia says:

Costco food court yummy

50hellkat2 says:

Costco has Triple A beef and it is better quality. A lot of grocery stores do not even have Triple A.

Myrna Martinez says:

Check out, ‘ The Rice Experiment ‘ then see, Dan Gabbert’ Theforerunner777 ‘ Leopard Vision ‘ Walter Veith testimony’ ‘Eric Wilson testimony’ Mark Cleminson testimony’ Barbara O’Neill fasting from sickness to health, Amazing. Thanks so much we enjoy your Channel Friend. PEACE….

Faye Faraldo says:

Quality is not always better at Costco than other stores. I just found you and enjoy what you are saying. I am alone so it is out of the question to buy so much bulk all the time especially for perishables Thank you for all the help.

Dror Solomon says:

ChrisnHannah Millican says:

i usually get meat at the commissary

Dror Solomon says:


Luis Antonio says:

Watch it guy almost everything is expired

UncaBilly's LIVING SMARTER says:

Great pricing job, Melea! Thanks for your time and hard work! ~UncaBilly

Candis Kubiak says:

Keep them coming!

ZAM zam says:

Produce are NEVER a good deal in Costco. NEVER.

maryinsanfrancisco says:

I totally agree with your cost analysis, however, CostCo’s produce quality is consistently superior and sometimes it’s worth paying extra for it. Example: their watermelons. Last year the price fluctuated between $6 – $9. I know that the local market sometimes beat that price, but CostCo’s watermelons are money in the bank. I bought at least one a week last season and I never got a mealy textured or sad one ever. I think they’re worth any price difference. Other produce may not be worth it though if you can’t eat it before it goes bad.

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