Cut For Time: Supermarket Spree (Melissa McCarthy) – SNL

One contestant (Melissa McCarthy) will stop at nothing to take out her competition (Vanessa Bayer) on Supermarket Spree.

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Dalek sec says:

I actual laughed out loud

Erin Brogan says:


Ana Smith says:

Love this skit so much! Did anyone else notice that the items in her cart changed?

Jonathan Allen says:

When A&E’s “Biography” went behind the scenes of SNL in 2001 for the Gwyneth Paltrow/Ryan Adams episode, an Anthrax Prevention Kit bit was a hit at dress rehearsal; however, it was cut from the live show at the last minute due to time constraints .

And yes, there was the “700 Gang” cartoon that suddenly became the cold open (Scarlett Johansson/Death Cab for Cutie) after that unfunny “Hardball” skit went nowhere; in between dress rehearsal and the live show, Robert Smigel recorded more dialogue on the fly including the “Live from New York…” opening.

vaishnavi ramesh says:

Soo… This means padget won ?

Trevorton Thompson says:

On the real show, Padget would’ve been penalized hundreds of dollars for running into cameramen, not putting fallen items back on shelves, and interference with her opponent.

James Field says:

Ha ha it’s called Supermarket Sweep in the UK with good old Dale Winton

Star Wars Fan 98 says:

At 3:01 the final round was over

Anthony Larson says:

Some say she’s still out there filling up that cart…

Niamh Cawley says:


CB Mondello says:

i think they hired the other chick to be an extra in every skit

J Smith says:

SNL audience is mostly teen kids how would they know about this old show

Bryn Butler says:

Melissa is the OG

Andrea Styles says:

lmfao this is hilarious why would they cut it

Lika Boss says:

So funny and so true.
R.i.P. America

Spooky Jim Christmas says:

Padget LOL

MehulsVlog says:

She looks much slimmer!!

apd1dogg says:

Did she win?

Patrick Tervo says:

What hilarious is how this was a real show and some people were crazy like that.

Linda Parranto says:

This is my favorite ever

BioHyde says:

fucking Melissa McCarthy again… awkward sold as comedy.

Brie Baby says:

I’d watch this

Whatsername says:

Who won?

Lizbeth Magana says:

also it was like 20 times more hilarious bc Melanie looks like my algebra teacher

rick rose says:

And it was an EXCELLENT plan!

medea 26 says:

Here’s what I find so funny about this sketch (& if you’re too young to remember the plastic weirdness that was Supermarket Sweep, you probably won’t get as much from it): One contestant always seemed half-crazed with their need to win. By the time she got to “shop”, it appeared that road rage was a real possibility. The other contestant seemed genuinely happy to be invited…well… anywhere. When she was given a spin, she seemed to read the ingredient labels & “jog” aimlessly, like my mother… That’s why this is so funny…

Ken says:

I really know what happens next,

Franz Hildenburg says:

Very funny.

Jennifer Stiles says:

Melissa is too funny. I always thought Mike & Molly was holding back her potential.

Xna Nebblett says:

she had a plan

Amélie Birosak says:

i wasn’t going to click on this and the i read the name Melissa McCarthy…

Lizbeth Magana says:


Bamboo Milkshake says:

That’s so smart actually

Rosamund Shirley says:

Wild from start to finish.

Jack Fruth says:


mgabrielleg says:


redspirit17 says:

I’m about to make funny for everyone who doesn’t understand…in the real game show Padget would have been arrested lol this wasn’t aloud

Pedro Ortiz says:

A skinny Melissa McCartney… Gross.

Paris Gladney says:

Me whenever I hear there’s a discount

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