Darleen’s Sub & Pizza

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Today we’re reviewing Darleen’s Sub & Pizza:
I’d link to their website but they don’t have one…
they are located at:
697 Islington St
Portsmouth, NH 03801
overall It was a pretty bad, Zac gave it a .26/8 and I gave it a 2/8… and I was being quite generous with that…
the crust was weak… think a little bit tougher than a pancake… quite fluffy but terrible for pizza dough… the sauce was nothing special and the way the cheese melted was reminiscent of a frozen pizza… I am willing to bet it actually was a frozen pizza that they heated up for us… which wouldn’t be terrible… if it reflected that in the price… but I’m not about to pay $12 for a meh frozen pizza… Zac and I agreed Elios would have been a step up… it so definitely paled in comparison to The Portsmouth Pizza Factory
Sometimes I come up with video concepts solely so I can eat or drink something… I like Pizza and the Portsmouth Pizza Program is the best way I could think of to consume Pizza on a regular bases and feel good about it… Zac and I will buy pizzas from all the different Pizza shops in Portsmouth NH and eat them… also review them… yeah we’ll review them too…
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poipoipoipoipois says:

how many more beers before?

AdmiralSpeedy says:

They do if the company doesn’t want grease leaking through the box… It they order a specific size pizza (15″ for example), they would have a piece cut out at about 15″-16″…

BitterxRed says:

Market Basket Bake and Rise is the greatest store brand frozen pizza that ever happened.

Sean Quinn says:

It’s not delivery, it’s DeJory.

Computerion says:

Don’t want to be a smartass. Just making sure the correct information is out there:
If you adjust “.5 out of 10” mathematically to a scale where 8 = 100% you get “.4 out of 8”.

The Doctor Worm says:

You’re horribly fucking stupid.

DukeDarkshadow says:

But honestly though, if this pizza place DOES buy their pizzas frozen, they don’t really seem like they’d be the kind of place to actually put that much thought into whether or not any potential grease might leak through the box and think ahead to buy pre-cut cardboard circles.

fuck off google i dont wanna change my name says:

poor darleen, i hope she doesnt see this

Joe Crossley says:

It’s called a review.

Angelique Rossau says:

How many of you came here just because of the Rosa review? xD

lifeanddecay says:

YES I’m glad this series is coming back

Christopher Pieschel says:

Find the worst Yelp reviews and then review them for yourself. That’s always interesting.

Go from worst reviews to the best. 🙂

hoosier9009 says:

Mayo means may..cinco is 5. De is of. You is dumb.

Thomas Lindholm says:

Ah, c’mon!  Darleen’s pizza is good!  I actually kinda like the bread-like quality of their crust.  Plus their subs & salads are good too.  I love the pita bread you get when you order a salad.

ThePlaindarkness says:

kill it!!! kill it with fire!!!

SilasCilice says:

Is it bad that I recognize Zac’s sweater from that one episode of AFO?

First Name Last Name says:

The pizza at my school has only 3 pepperoni’s per Slice and it was burnt hard as a rock

Nicholas Cote says:

I love these shows HAHAHA

grindcoremaniac says:

damn it. now im hungry

SirRandomMonkey says:

Holy shiy. Cinco means 5. Mayo means May. Dumb fuck

400KrispyKremes says:

That’s like school pizza bad.

Shelb says:


halifaxstar says:

Finally! I’ve been waiting for another one of these videos

Asgard2693 says:

Alright No need to be Rude I was Miss informed from the Tipsy Bar tender Channel

CheezySkeez says:

The sad part is, i was rediculously excited when i saw this was on my homepage

BreeBreeTM says:

i wonder if theyll get mad.

sikidiki22 says:

dude I asked about it…and now look what’s in my sub box. ask and ye shall receive. thanks jory.

Yoshi Gang Leader says:

Next Pizza please.

Colin L says:

Next you should do the Portsmouth Gas Light! that ones my favorite!

Prettyfig says:

2/8= 1/4 which is pretty big XD

Haylee says:

it looks like digiorno.

Runny Bunz says:

You want some good pizza? Come to Buffalo, New York. We got the best pizza here.

Mike Larson says:

lol it looks like the pizza on Invader Zim…

Mike Larson says:

Thanks 🙂
I take me pizza seriously!

Raichupacabra says:

Jory’s burp was fucking intense. It was pretty much a roar. The flop of this pizza was gross to just watch.

LightningGmr says:

i want some pizza even if that pizza isn’t so good

Elp Smith says:

sounds like it’s undercooked

DedotatedWham says:

It’s not like they’re doing anything wrong, also it’s not like nearly every restaurant’s address in America can’t be found on Yelp.

Mike Larson says:

From the taste you described, especially what you put in the description, I’m really convinced that this pizza comes frozen. The big giveaway, though, is the cardboard circle it was resting on inside the box. Fresh pies don’t come with a pre-measured cardboard circle…

DedotatedWham says:

Do i have to wait 3 months for the next episode?

Jack Diamond says:

You’ll have to let us know which of these places actually gives you jizz on your pizza.

Dark2063 says:

The description of the crust, and the look of the pizza reminded me of the chef boyardee byo box pizzas.

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