Eufy Genie Review: It’s a $35 Echo Dot … mostly

The Eufy Genie is almost like an Amazon Echo Dot. It’s small. It’s got Alexa. And it’s inexpensive. In fact, it costs $15 less at retail than an Echo Dot. … But there’s a catch, right?

Of course there’s a catch.

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Amazon Echo Dot:

Eufy Genie:

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Chemy Torres says:

Looks nice but also being Amazon the one who designed the echoes I think it’s wiser to chose those because of possible updates.

Nice review man.

Brennan Burns says:

Love the shirt.

Tw3akst3r says:

The most recent firmware seems to have improved the mic… of course it still physically has less but it does seem to “hear” a bit better than previously. (I own 3 of the Genie devices and one v2 of an actual Echo Dot).

Fritz Wunderlich says:

Voice command devices suck in general … Unless it is for people with certain disabilities or certain cases, otherwise the voice command is too frustrating and wasting of time.

Braydon Snoddy says:

Is it compatible with the multi room audio just released for echo?

Turkish TopROCK says:

No Amazon here.

James Ebenger says:

I just picked one up on Amazon for $30 and 3 months of Prime Music. This one goes in the garage.

Michael Willever says:

Ok, maybe a silly question but what is the difference between firmware and software? Also: great review. Thanks.

Phil Bailey says:

Thanks for the great little review, very informative. Think it’d be worth paying the bit extra for the Echo Dot. Can’t wait to read what you think of your new model 3 …….

TechSquirrel says:

Does it work properly with other Alexa devices so you don’t have two listening to the same person? (the problem the ecobee4 has)

Joe Stone says:

I take it that Nickinson is not into nickelback.

Soji Ojugbele says:

Noticed your Model 3 shirt. Care to share which configuration you’re going with and why?

omair arif says:

It’s like the Amazon Echo equivalent of a MadCatz controller.

Jaxon Lee says:

Are the looks of the device even important? Shouldn’t it just fade into the background?

mboiko says:

I paid $39 at Christmas for my Amazon Echo Dot…will be looking for that deal again this Christmas.

GhostOnVinyl says:

Last time I was this early Mr.Mobile had a new video out

Ryan Faircloth says:

+ModernDad Why have the videos slowed down? Phil moving on again? I hope not, really love this take on things, as a geeky dad myself.

Mario Scott says:

Also this Anker/Eufy Trojan for there own smart home devices controls.

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