The Glamlite Pizza Palette launches December 12, 2018 and will be $40 ($34 with code JEN10). The palette in the Limited Edition PR box is $55.

*Disclosure…the palette was sent to me for review by Glamlite but I am under no obligation to create this video and I’m not being paid (not sponsored).


*Glamlite Pizza Palette ($40, save 15% with code JEN10)

(*Link is an affiliate link)


makeupby mishigul says:

Wow that pizza palette looking so good

Katiria Pellot says:

It does look cute, the concept is very creative. But the colors I can find them in my collection of other makeup. It is not something that impress me or want it to buy it.

Kiara Lebron says:

Absolutely neeeeeeeeed this just for the theme
BRB while I find out if this cosmetic brand is cruelty free

Beauddiction says:

I thought you guys would like to know the inspiration behind this palette…I saw this after I filmed the video! “The Pizza Palette was designed and created by Glamlite’s founder Gisselle Hernandez. She was born in the Dominican Republic and was raised in Brooklyn, NY; a city known for having some of the world’s best pizza. Her passion for pizza led her to visit major cities throughout America in the quest to find the best pizzerias in the nation. Through her college years, she would eat pizza at least 3 times a week due to it’s convenience and affordability. One year ago, she thought of the idea of combining her two greatest passions in life “pizza and makeup” and the idea of the pizza palette was born! Gisselle had struggled with her weight her entire life. Her goal for this palette is to let people know that it’s okay to be yourself and embrace the things you love!”

Heather Gardner says:

This palette is really cool. I liked how kept the names similar to the colors.

Zane Robbins says:

This palettes color scheme is a straight mess. Only pizza themed element is the packaging.

Robyn Hebert says:

Can you give a breakdown of what each shade is (matte, shimmer, etc)? It looks like most of them are matte but it’s hard for me to tell.

jordan valdez says:

That’s huge!! Noo

Kaur Amy says:

Love your videos ❤️

Savannah Zemlicka says:

Too gimmicky.

ExcellentFancy says:

Too gimmicky for me.

Susan says:

Fun colors and packaging! I like that it’s something besides fruit-themed or chocolate-themed, which I think has been way overdone by cosmetic companies lately.

Briana Schino says:

Wow this thing is a beast!!

Beauty after 55 Maritza Santiago says:

When I live in NY before I moved to Florida I was working for an Ambulance company in the Bronx but I worked Westchester county and I really love it upstate is nothing like the Bronx but my pizza had to be from the Bronx lol

Darya says:

Omg I would totally eat that pizza, drooling. But love the whole theme never seen anyone do something like this.

Seevan Hawkins says:

I think this is cool and would be fun to display at my vanity but I wouldn’t wear most of the warm shades.

Michell Wood says:

But can you get two for $6.99 each? And do they deliver?

Haley McLain says:

Wtf who has room for that

Bijou Bijou says:

Discovered your channel from Marnie Goldberg.

Sarah Brown says:

Hahaha I was very confused when I saw the thumbnail, I was wondering why you were reviewing pizza all the sudden!! What a cute PR package!

Julie Jones says:

I need that pizza palette! Love the colors!

Betty González says:

Hi! How can I get the PR one? I ordered the regular pallet

Tracy Frederick says:

That green is gorgeous!

BinaBecker says:

Gives a whole new meaning to “pizza face”…but not a bad one.

Celina Retana says:

This is my first time watching you. And I must say I love that you were straight to the point. There’s a lot of videos i find they go on and on and on. But I loved the pizza theme and the colors are so cute!

Cyndi Ficker says:

Oh…my…god… I LOVE this idea! I love pizza and I think the concept of a pizza palette is so new and different and fresh. All the colors look really beautiful as well, I would definitely buy it if I could.

go away_ i'm reading says:

Ok originally I was turned off by the concept of this palette & I wasnt into it. But then I looked at Glamlite’s IG and realized how quality their formula was, and decided that I had been hasty. I also noted that Cardi B’s makeup artist had used it on her with great success, and that Jeffree Star had created a beautiful look as well. I can see that these shades are not powdery, or the type that blend away easily, and that plus their pigment and clearly amazing application changed my mind completely. I ordered it tonight using your code. Thank you!

Luz Figueroa says:

See lm hungry now

Sonia Gibbs says:

If there’s one thing I cannot stand about pallets, it’s the super bulky sizes that some of them come in. This is one of them. I understand they were trying to be unique, but it’s a no for me. I think if you’re a collector, this might be ok. And also, of course if pigmentation and they perform well, I would pick up and depot them…

Dode Diaries says:

Jeffree star and shane dawson pallette. This is their collaboration together

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