Grossery Gang Time Wars NEW Series 5 Figures Cyber-Slop Pizza Video Review

Join Pixel Dan for a look at the brand new Grossery Gang Time Wars action figures, including a new Pizza Face, Gooey Chewy, and the new villain Cyber-Slop Pizza!

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godofzombi says:

I like the warhammer 40.000 space marine shoulder pad on Cyber-slop pizza.

Tom T says:

The variants are cool but I am really looking forward to the totally new figures. I love this whole line, hopefully other toy companies see the success its having and come up with their own unique, gross-fun toy line concepts.

GrantSmithBass says:

Dan – Are your hands insured ??

….your an unsung hand model buddy !

Taka says:

I can’t wait for the second wave.

lego game says:

ja obozavam grossery gang

Annie Banzon says:

lets not forget, there’s a NEW GrosseryGang movie next week!!!

Nameless says:

These guys remind me so much of the Food Fighters from way back when.

Matlock WK says:

Just got ours in the mail, I really love this line! I’ve been a major fan of food fighters since my childhood so I was happy to add all these to my collection. Excited for the sharks and pumpkin. Great review!

Bryan Joebenick Deserva says:

Hmmm that cyborg pizza guy kinda remind me of trapjaw

J. Lee says:

Enjoy checking these out just wish would pop on some. I do await to see you do some of the blind box ones to see what they all look like.

toohunky toys says:

i love grossery gang! can’t wait for more!

Dwight E morgan says:

Hey from Trinidad Dan…fun and creative toys

isabel garcia says:

The song in the background

BatDaddy SuperSon says:

i will NEVER find these, i have 6 walmarts near me NONE of them carry these, two targets DO carry them but are still on series 2 and 3 ihavent found the last complete wave yet of series 4

kmdbaby says:

Looking forward to these but it will be awhile before I see them. The rest of season 4 still hasn’t made it to my local Walmart.

doctorgoodguy1 says:

Bring on Space Jump Pumpkin!

Touching Evil says:

Want new versions not just the same 🙁

Violeta Minero says:

Grossery gang is asmm!

Delia Magboo says:

I want the cybrod pizza

max-e gamer says:

i have to collect 3 bug strike toys if i do ill give you 100000000000000 subscribers

Wandering Oryx says:

Where is the clean team?

Warrior Gamer says:

Of all the pizza face I love the classic one

Adam R. says:

Dan, can you do some sort of video where you show off your collection of mini figures of trash pack and grocery gang, or show off your food fighters with you grocery gang figures?

MadisonCarter says:

May have to get that Pirate Sharrrrk from the cardback.

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