You guys asked us to test this PROPERLY after seeing it in a ‘Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets video’ – we don’t think we could have tested it any more than this! We used fresh pizza dough to make a more authentic pizza and the results speak for themselves! But are you gonna buy this gadge solely for pizza? We thought we’d test out a couple more things too…

Make your own pizza at home: https://sortedfood.com/recipe/14538
You can buy the Pizza Oven here: https://amzn.to/2LPi4wV

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Fageta Boutit says:

i would of absolutely loved to see like a half loaf of sourdough thrown in there since pizza ovens are great for bread

Pistonrager says:

Not bad for a glorified toaster oven.

Mayuri Anegondi says:

Is James high?

Tads Vlogs says:

Can you do different sweets/candy from around the world?

kalefarmerful says:

Hi I am perhaps asking for something that you have already done, but please, if you havent yet, could James do a video on how to make Mozzarella? I have tried various other YouTube sites for this and made very excellent cream cheese.. Pretty please?

Dan G says:

Wow, talk about listening to your comments. I even saw mine posted in the video! Thanks for retesting the pizza oven, or should I say testing the hell out of it, this was really thorough.

elizzyseay says:

You should play with a waffle maker next! Cook cheffy stuff in it

yoruKAZ says:

That sea bass looks so good

Mel White says:

Imagine if you dont have an oven in your flat. Tadaaaa, theres this lol

Garth says:

The most stupid comment of all time “There is no way you could get that crispy base in an oven at home in the same time” Well yes I agree however you can do it in 2 minutes 30 seconds..These people have no clue and I would be very happy to explain where they are going so so wrong..CALL ME Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana you guys have NO CLUE..People below ignore this video there might be an update 🙂

River Lake says:

Try and make a normal dish without using key ingredients (like making spaghettini without the garlic). The key would be to make the dish taste the same as the original!

Enycma Pie says:

Aww the pizza oven doesn’t ship to Singapore. I’ll just sit here with my floppy pizza i guess…

ExplosiveBoy93 says:

Anyone for some more drinks? Nah thanks, we’re SORTED!

elizzyseay says:

Also make some desserts in it, like pastries and dessert pizza

ItsTheJester says:


Patsuchi says:

But can you cook chicken in there properly too. Or a cake? Or pie?

cuckling says:

at the beginning i thought he said jamies fat instead of jamie spaff

Amrith Menon says:

100$ seems like a good bargain

Paige Goodwin says:

You should try making cookies in it! We used to use our pizza stone (that just went into the oven) to make cookies, and they always turned out better than the ones on a normal baking sheet lol

Im also curious about something a bit meatier… like a hamburger, or a steak!

Eric Valor says:

That was very impressive, especially the sea bass (it has a deep voice..!!). That little countertop oven is quite versatile and would be a great gift for someone in a studio apartment or university dormitory. I bet it would crush a proper grilled cheese sammich which is the best food during late-night cram-study sessions (better than pizza and much less expensive). I had a block of cheddar and a couple salamis in my dorm room which was my late-night grub when the criminally high-starch low-flavor cafeteria food gave out. That’s what got me into food and making proper dishes.

zns says:


Cone says:

Is this the spiderman II ps2 pizza delivery theme? 2:17

Colin McCarthy says:

I can get that sort of color on pizza at home in my oven around 525 degrees F using a pizza stone. it takes about 7 minutes from the time it goes in until it comes out. it becomes a lot more critical though that you use a good dough recipe though, as some end up being more spongey and bread-like, rather than thin, light, cracker-like texture.

Chaz Allen says:

Happy for James!

Areic Reign says:

I love Queer Eye

Tabitha Hutchins says:

Please test other things in unconventional ways. This was great!

Ágata Sousa says:

As soon as James said he watched queer eye I couldn’t focus anymore thinking about a sorted + qe mash-up. Please God make it happen. I want you guy to cook with Antoni!

Jasper Baekens says:

How easy is that base to clean? Looks pretty charred sometimes

TheW3lshGamer says:

Are they delivering pizza’s in Spiderman or something?

socrlax says:

Did anyone else burst out laughing when he tried salting dry, raw peppers and the salt just bounced off and landed on the cutting board?

J D says:

The love in this comment section is wonderful and definitely legitimate!!!

Nuglar says:

I love my pizza oven. Never thought of cooking anything other than dough based items in there though! Will have to give it a shot 🙂 I share James’ unease about cooking straight on the stone though…

FYI, I stop watching as soon as I hear “dad joke”.


No more mike?

K. Dickson says:

I really want this pizza oven now, but sadly it doesn’t ship to the US… how disappointing

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