Hot Dog Showdown: LA Vs. Chicago Vs. NYC

Which city has the best hot dog? People from LA, Chicago, and NYC decide!

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Peckin’ The Cap
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Samuel Vitacco says:

You can’t trust people that put ketchup on a hot dog.

Isabel Fraga Sousa says:

LA people are really anoying

Aidan Callero says:

New York hot dog is pathetic

konichicat 12 says:

they should’ve done Texas hot dog. where it all starts

james88962 says:

and the Chicago dog. they had ‘was made at wienerschnitzel in California .

James Pappas says:

Detroit beats them all, but I would eat everyone of those dogs.

moneyaat says:

That’s not a NY dog.

lazy. taledragon says:

I am from Germany, we have bratwurst here and I would go with the LA hotdog. All the way.

KlamzUvDeth says:

Los Angeles > Everybody

joshua hand says:

Team Chicago dog. Not black on black crime

Mehlodia says:

When you’re from Buffalo .-.

Michael Neumann says:

this is the single most offensive video by Buzzfeed period. I am a huge fan…I watch and read everything Buzzfeed…you got it wrong. and that comment about Chicago not being a city GIVE ME A BREAK!! LA is a joke City is a gorgeous metropolis

itazuraxhime says:

um the chicago style hotdog is the best, eRMmygod

Derrick Arfanis says:

They are in LA!!! Of course the LA hotdog is going to be better since it was fresher…

waltz 22 says:

LA makes you love healthy food. Even though you feel disgusted and wrong

Mia Pernice says:

alrught im from chicago its clear no ketchup or no hotdog

nadia murua says:

The “Chicagoans” that chose any other side other than Chicago style are most likely from the suburbs like Joliet LMAOO.

Connie B says:


Daisy Pinky says:

la won

Red Conlon says:

Let’s just end this, Chicago has the best hot dog, New York has the best pizza and LA has the best douchebags.

Mi-sama Nya-nya says:

chile has the best hot dog ever!
some tomato, put some avocado, ketchup and mayo (i don’t like mayo) and you have the perfect completo! it’s. delicious.

Nina Murphy says:

Who else got offended when he dissed chicagochicago

Jonathan Vahramian says:

I’ve had LA dirty dogs my entire life and I know, none compare to the Coney Island Dog in Detroit….the fact that it’s not even on mentioned here tells you everything you need to know.

abbo _ says:

My aunt was in this❤️

EndlessBuckets says:

The Detroit style Lafayette Coney Island dog wins 100% of the time. Detroit for life!

wheresnightmare says:

I love L.A downtown hot dogs mmm

Laura O'Connell says:

I love how I’m watching this but I’m in Australia

Manuel Vallejo says:

actually the LA dog is really a Mexican hot dog

Gmail .User says:

0:37 I didn’t know Velma liked hot dogs so much.

crybxbydaniela says:

Damn, all those new yorkers were so mean wtf

Mimmz1989 says:

LA dog sounds gross

Pig Farmer Ben says:

I’d take a wet fart on a southern hot dog before I’d eat any of those!

Michael Knight says:

Chicago best dogs, New York best pizza, LA best grilled onions, peppers, and everything else on god’s green earth on everything.

Jesse says:

Chicago has the better pizza too

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