How to Make Pizza With Store-Made Dough : Tips for Making Pizza

The first thing you need to do when making pizza with store-made dough is to roll the dough out on a flat surface. Make pizza with store-made dough with help from a professional chef with over 25 years of experience in this free video clip.

Expert: Michael Neylan
Bio: Chef Mike Neylan has been a professional chef for 25 years, owning and operating a Private Jet Catering company to high-end clients, such as Martha Stewart.
Filmmaker: Jonathan Shrader

Series Description: Enjoying a delicious pizza pie doesn’t require an expensive night on the town as long as you have the right tools and recipes. Get pizza pie tips and learn how to make the perfect pie with help from a professional chef with over 25 years of experience in this free video series.


Benjamin Almberg says:

FUck you MIkE! … me.;)

I'm Mr. ASMR Look at Me Please Subscribe says:

did anyone else notice the cheese cane out yellow and not white?lol

Renato Murakami says:

Best sketch ever!


Suppose you had it stored in your freezer, How would yo treat it for use then.?

Christopher Jordan says:

thank you, it came out great!

floofytown says:

Hey, can you make a video on how to take the dough out of the refrigerator? You didn’t show that part. Thanks!

eve315 says:

How many ounces of dough for each pizza? My store sells 160z, is that for one or two?

Jfree55 says:

He didn’t even use his own pizza stone after he just mentioned it


I Love you idk why

Gekritzl says:

When I turned my pizza over in the oven the cheese got stuck and burned. Why did you tell us to turn it?

taquenos says:

noooo you killed the pizza with your rolling pin!!! in Italy we only use hands to form the pizza!


thanks i bought some dough today and watched your vid thanks ……  .. can you tell me how i can make chicken  with cheese inside .. i had it years ago and it was so good …. they had a whole chicken  and when we cut  it open the cheese was inside certain areas and it was so good thanks ..

Joshua says:

Thank you for this vid, perfect.

Thomas Wagner says:

We’re lawyers!

Wesley Ramos says:

lol love pizza but he’s boring as fuck though

luis vidal says:

this cant be serious….

Ken Trumpoldt says:

You left the oven open

Art Z says:

But how do you make Stores with Dough-Made Pizza?

Jfree55 says:

He didn’t even use his own pizza stone after he just mentioned it

Migo Surf says:

You have a beautiful kitchen! We are going to build new home next year and I love your kitchen. Any ideas on the kitchen would be great

Riley Raine says:

Thks! I know how to make pizza and dough from scratch, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it with store bought dough. Your a life saver!

Shane Spivey says:

Mike, why don’t you have any recommendation at all about how to choose a good “pizza sauce” 0:54 or cheese or anything other than obvious instructions like making the ball of dough into a disc and putting sauce and cheese on it? I love your videos btw <3

matunos says:

Hold on, how’d he get that dough in the refrigerator?

electronsauce says:


Domenico Gonzalez says:

Like lowkey you can tell this dude is a pro. I tried making pizza in home ec and it’s hard to not rip it and get it shaped right but he does it swiftly and makes the pizza very fast

Morgando Draws says:

Wait did he say a pizza stone? Wtf is a pizza stone

peter curran says:

How do you make the Pizza sauce, or is that out of a pack too?

It's Just Milk I Swear says:

step 1: take your store bought dough.
step 2: make it into a pizza.

and that is how you make a pizza with your store bought pizza dough.

LieutenantVague says:

This is identical to the home made dough video.
What was the point of this?
You didn’t even show us how to make a three cheese blend.

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