Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden For The First Time

Who the f*ck made this?

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Markets Of Naples
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Made by BFMP

Maria Alfano

Carmela Funiciellio

Igea Fabrocino

Flora Neiviller

Carmela Spinose

Kay Argento

Pearl Bottfeld


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Luke Torrance says:

Imagine if italy and romano from hetalia went there

sirfancypants Mcgee says:

It hurts me to know some of them like that place…

littlemarcus15 says:

Olive garden is the McDonald’s of Italian food.

xMayahxX says:

I’m Italian and I can tell the 2 woman that agree to everything , they are not culture Italians , if I was there I would be acting like that grandma in the denim jacket cause that is not real Italian food

Asbel Barrientos says:

I Think The Blonde Lady Is Gordon Ramsey’s Mother. She’s Too Harsh.

Ryqqn says:

Just some info for the people who don’t know; Spaghetti is Chinese food. It is a descendent of noodles and was brought to Italy from China by Marco Polo 😀

Eric Le Mesurier says:

I would like to prefix this by saying I’m not Italian but my friends are one of them is northern the other southern and the always say the culture the food the people are very different so that might be why some of them liked it so much and others didn’t maybe olive garden is northern style so the southern Italians don’t like it or it might be the other way around

Eddsworldforlife #wattpad says:

Merda means s**t

cmastro219 says:

the two ladies that liked everything do not know italian food. I’m italian and olive garden is such garbage

Taylor Philips says:

I’m glad I’m not Italian because I can’t cook for my life…

Basic Bleach says:


Rochell Willis says:

I love the lady in black and white.

The Cure says:

The grandma wearing the black snd white is very sweet and doesn’t want to offend Olive Garden unlike the others who are complete savages

Panda Sneeze says:

The Grandma Was BadAss!

Hamza Hatemic says:

i dont like olive garden, its really not that good

Zed C says:

That woman with the white and black shirt was so polite, but that lady in the jacket is out for blood

Its Bella's life says:

in aus nonna’s are very diffrent

Cameron Mackenzie says:

Something tells me that them two ladies aren’t Italian

luhan's hoe says:

the blonde nana reminds me so much of my own. she shits on EVERYONES italian food if it’s not made right LMAO

Raymi Robinson says:

” it looks like a skinny di*k

RazrDaze07 says:

The blonde denim shirt lady is definitely from NY or NJ

Lee W says:

Those dishes look like barf who cooked that?

Jocelyn Cody says:

Coming from an Italian family this is hilarious

Hamsandwich says:

why that lady look like the penguin from batman

Eve Bradford says:

I love the ladies in the pink and purple who like everything. They’re so sweet and funny I love them <3

Merciless. says:

I love the blonde Grandma lmfaooooooooo

The Cure says:

The grandma wearing the black snd white is very sweet and doesn’t want to offend Olive Garden unlike the others who are complete savages

BlueDevTV says:

I bet these grandmas had some pimps back then..

Destiny So says:

DAMN I LOVE THESE PEOPLE, especially the blonde woman lIKE

June Bug says:

no no not ravioli haha

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