IT’S PIZZA TIME | Working At Dominos As A Delivery Driver

Here’s a little vid on what I do as a pizza delivery driver.

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Dante Dotson says:

How’s school for everyone?

Novah says:

What’d you have to do for training? Haha, plus love the random angles

Anthony Medellin says:

:10 what is that song called?

Kenneth Bibb says:

I’ve never received a $40 tip..

Cerria Brown says:

Lmao he cute

Anthony James says:

its peetza not peesa

Hokage Triage says:

Your cute tho bro

Optimus Prime Omega Savage says:


Lenny’s Mop says:

My dominos is in a rich ass area I made like $120 in tips in 6hrs it was crazy.

Edgar Llamas says:

Perfect job for a lazy ass. People. Drive around sitting on your ass. , with no education. Smoking weed and drinking on the job cuz I what they do f****** lazy bitches

Nuts Daily says:


lilmo 2005 says:

1st comment and 1st like

Nomadunlimited says:

Do they require you to put that stupid sign above your car?Might cancel my application if they do

Zelda Hyrule says:

They gave you an assistant manager/General management shirt to be a delivery driver lol

DJ Dragon AKA ShawnB. says:

My first day of junior year was good. My boi making that money I see you.

Ryan Sharp says:

1:48 what the fuck was that????????

Bring the Bee says:

I was about to ask why you ain’t working at the movie tavern. But nevermind you said why you stoped working there.

zilla universe says:

Nice job LoL

Bert Whidden says:

Do you use GPS to find some places?

Bunthan Sephieroth Kong says:

Cool job

Friendly Guy says:

That intro tho

AboutAll says:

my job is starting from tomorrow as a pizza deliver guy.. i am a bit nervous about how to works there, how to takes the customer’s to deliver pizza on time..
need ur reply DANTE DOTSON?

Rowlet says:


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