Mark Allen Channel review, May 15, 2012.

What frozen pizza is the best? IMHO, Jacks Pizza, since 1960. I buy the original with sausage and pepperoni. Made with real Wisconsin cheese. For a $3 pizza, just incredible stuff. Buy yourself a Jack’s Pizza today at Walmart or where ever you can find it.


Mark Allen


0u812? Zimmerman says:

Jacks are the shit man! Love them!

lostlotta says:

Was skeptical when I bought this for first time. Popped a supreme in the oven and out came a delicious treat! Better than Totinos which is smaller in size and price is great under $4

KrazyAttack says:

I eat these alllll the time! They are the best frozen pizza’s on earth. So so good.

vietl30i says:

$1.50 a pizza. Best pizza.

Rick Sanchez Jr. says:

It’s good… for a frozen pizza definetly. There’s way more expensive pizza that doesn’t taste as good as Jacks Pizza.

HeavilyArmedGoy says:

It’s not just a pizza, it’s a way of life!!!!!!??

benji6606 says:

it taste like shit. DONT BUY IT.

Spoon Legend says:

ur in jewels

Billy32210 says:

I am not a fan of the sausages though. Love everything else though. But then again, I am not usually a fan of sausage on any “frozen” pizza’s. They usually taste great in restaurants though for some reason.

maulCS says:

Cannot beat the price, it’s great

mufo zomby says:

he was vidio taping.. daaaaaa

Majoras says:

after trying jacks i agree. freschetta is way better

Justin Bass says:

After 8 minutes in my oven it will burn and even on a lower temperature.

JamesMichael Sylvester says:

Ha-ha He-he,
So Oringinal…ect
. (=^-^=) .

Gaming Palooza Empire says:

I do agree that Jack’s is the best frozen pizza.

TheMagik007 says:

where is the end?? i want to see the freaking pizza cooked and being eaten. my life stinks.

twon808prod says:

I dont understand y u wouldnt film the pizza after its finnished cooking

Nathan Daniel says:

Jacks is the best cheap frozen pizza, Tombstone is like 5 bux now so its drifting into like affluent demographic. Red Baron is too bland..

Majoras says:

well i’ll give it a try but it better be tastier than freschetta >:D

mufo zomby says:

freshita is betta

QQTrick1QQ says:

Doctor it up with toppings of choice but I start mine in a skillet with butter and a 2-3T  water cover and let water steam while butter crisps the bottom, toss in oven @400F till golden brown.

Joe R says:

This video has changed my life.

ricabloblanquez says:

I love Jack’s pizza

mylifeintheknifetrade says:

How long have they been around since? I missed it. 

Michael Spaeth says:

You, my friend, know your frozen pizza. I like to put my Jacks directly on the rack, but your oven is much cleaner than mine.

Majoras says:

because it doesn’t have a leg to stand on against rising crust

Ben Middleton says:

Jack’s sucks!

Mark Allen Channel says:

This video did have a finished ending …but after using Youtube’s image stabilizing editor ..I see it’s been shortened. I’ll never use that again. They jacked up jack’s.

will c says:

I jackoff to Jacks.

Teejization says:

an entire cart for two jack’s pizzas lol.

Colleen Marsh says:

We eat them every Saturday. I love eating it. I devour it up.

LivashSB says:

Jacks is good shit, preferably rising crust.
They aren’t skimpy on the sauce, the cheese is great, and the dough is top notch quality.
It’s win as far as frozen pizza goes.
Everything else sucks in comparison.

PureIrish77 says:

Well I guess if my standards are low… Then yes I would enjoy this pizza.

Paul Godo says:

Jack’s Pizza is the best frozen pizza.  Try cooking it on the outside grill.

mrthebillman says:

Not a real review.
Nothing to see here.
Move along.

Alixxusa says:

This dudes freaking out about this pizza. Relax

Ghenghy says:

OMG thank you! I just had my first Jacks Pizza, and it is GREAT! I’m totally blown away. Unbelievable. I bought the 5 for 10 deal, and I’m going back for 10 more tomorrow. Many thanks.

Mack Grant says:

$3 pizza from Wal-Mart…oh yea

Ghenghy says:

Thanks, they’re on sale at Sav A Lot this weekend 5 for $10.

Billy32210 says:

I eat it all the time(for the past 20 years) and was thinking about the brand while eating it and the fact that they never have Jack’s commercials..Hence I am here seeking one out. I suppose when your pizza sells you don’t need commercials.

Bang says:

its good frozen pizza..BUT the metallic sauce taste can get to ya…but i think they revamped the formula recently but now its very good..

The Real Video Game Wizard says:

Looks like the ep Illinois Walmart

Chris Cantway says:

I love the sauce everyone says it fast weird

Ben Middleton says:

Orv’s is WAY BETTER!

bat cat says:


leann W says:

Jack’s pizzas are my favorite,of the frozen pizzas

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